Terry Dean interview, free to download!Just got off listening to Terry Dean’s recent interview. It’s awesome; you better listen to it, too.

The 59:28 minutes are jam packed with good, solid advice. He’s mainly talking about building a relationship with your e-mail list (something I really and still need to improve, so his advice came just at the right time—thanks Terry!). Furthermore, he explains how to jump start your Internet business.

If you just take one single advice from that audio, it is at minute 20:51. The method he’s talking about there is well-worth… um, I better stop using that language… ;-)

Now I’m just wondering why that audio is for free because… Most people don’t realize the real value that is behind “free stuff.” If they’d have to pay $100+ for this audio they’d certainly put more of the things being taught into action. But…

It’s yours free.

Grab it!


And more importantly, act upon it!

—Marcus Hochstadt

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