Replacing TVI avoid watching television 99% of the time. The 1% I do watch are very interesting documentaries about countries, places or cultures, or some movies with actors or actresses I really love seeing.I feel very sorry for those sitting 4-8 hours PER DAY in front of that box, throwing valuable time of their life into the TV trash. Watching news several times per day, those new or well-established soap operas… are they aware how life damaging this crap is?

If the TV would just broadcast valuable education and shows with excellent business mentors and exceptional self-improvement coaches, this freakin little box would bring a lot more value to mankind. Speaking of which…


Starting tomorrow, Sunday 13th, I’m going to post videos I discovered on the Net and find are well-worth sharing with you, my respected reader. I’m going to post these videos on Sundays (hence the title ‘SundayTV’).

Feel free to see them as a good tool for replacing TV.

Stay tuned! :-)

—Marcus Hochstadt

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