Online Business SuccessEveryone you know seems to be running a Web site these days. Large corporations, the tiniest of local businesses, local clubs and societies, while there are long-dead celebrities on Facebook and teenagers networking on MySpace.

The Internet is relatively new. There is still that element of glamour and mystery attached to it, that magical element that created the millionaires, then snatched their success from under them, while a new wave of Internet success stories, such as social networking sites, are turning casual users into wide-eyed enthusiasts.

It’s easy to set up a business online. It’s like printing your own money they say.

Almost everywhere you look, someone is trying to make their fortune on the Internet. But when you compete against millions of online businesses you need to know what you’re doing, and there are some myths to being successful online…

If You Build It They Will Come

So, you’ve built your Web site. You uploaded it to the Internet and to your dismay, no one is visiting it.

The obvious question is: Do people know you are there? Have you marketed your new site, informed your new and existing customers, and did you offer any incentive to visit your site when it was launched? Don’t assume the Internet contains a wealth of untapped customers that will find you without direction.

What about your domain name? It should be short, sharp, and very easy to remember. Avoid using hyphens, as these are awkward to type and often forgotten, and preferably include your main keyword.

You also need to know what you’re doing in terms of SEO. Ensure that your Web site includes the keywords and content to attract the major Search Engines. SEO is something you start doing right from the beginning of your Internet businesses life. It takes ongoing campaigns and approaches to maintain and the rules are always changing.

I Already Have A Successful Business Offline

With careful planning many businesses find the transition from offline to online remarkably smooth, but this may not be ideal for everyone. Your customers may still want to visit a store or have that personal contact, or you may sell a product that they want to inspect before purchasing. A Web site is a great new store front opportunity that allows your customers to browse and investigate your products 24/7, but some may still want to make that purchase in person.

On the other side, too many offline businesses still underestimate the enormous profit potential and time freedom a thriving online business can bring. It just needs to be seriously and properly set up.

In Order To Make Money Online One Needs A Big Budget

Yes, there exist major corporations that spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on Web design and marketing campaigns, but they may not serve as a good example to look at.

Many of the overheads involved in setting up your own Internet business can be alleviated when you work online. You may only need a laptop, and never ever get caught up on creating a “professional” Web design. Sure thing, there exist enough companies and individuals coding you a professional looking design for a few thousand dollars.

But remember, it’s the content you provide that is more important, especially at the beginning. No one sees your site quite yet, and you can attract more visitors by providing high quality content rather than a flashy design.

Focus on simplicity and the words you put up.

So Is It All About Luck?

True, some businesses did get a lucky break creating the right Web site at the often quoted “right time,” but successful entrepreneurs do not rely on luck, nor did they start from a privileged background.

They were motivated by a desire to succeed and a determined belief in their abilities. They follow proven paths, increment big into very small steps, and take considerable action towards the fulfillment of their goals. They feel a huge desire to follow their dreams.

Surprise your followers with your determination and results.

Show them that it IS doable. Then help them achieve the same.

—Marcus Hochstadt

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7 Responses to If You Build It They Will Come…

  1. Nice write up, Marcus. ;)

    That is what I am trying to do right now, setting up an online business heheh. :p

    Am using my site / blog as a shop front to market my products and services in the physical realm.

    Still need to get more local traffic though. Duh! -_-

  2. “…to market your products and services in the physical realm.” Sounds pretty amazing, Deimos, but… where are your products? I may be interested… ;-)


  3. M. Kennedy says:

    I know you know James Brausch well. I am a member of his Product of the Month club that is charged monthly through
    PayPal. We are supposed to receive all of Mr. Brausch’s products launched each month. However,

    ***Removed. Sorry, Mickie, but my blog is the wrong spot for this. Marcus***


    Mickie Kennedy

  4. Marcus,

    I live in Malaysia, so my products and services are in Malaysia. ;)

    At the moment, products for the general consumer include Cell Phones. :D

  5. Well said, it’s not luck but work that speaks a lot. Doing right things at right time with a burning desire to achieve success is the only thing that makes a man successful. Online business that has opened gates to lucrative business opportunities, of late. These new online business solutions are making the things easier than before, in giving online presence to business organizations of all sizes.

  6. Craig Torey says:

    I have gotten increased traffic in response to my article writing and distributing it. If you google my name, you will see over 2500 pages. This was done in about one month.

  7. I don’t think it has to do with luck at all, its all about strategy! Create a unique product or service and market it well and it will sell. You need to create a business plan and then go from there….Good luck to all my entrepreneurs.

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