Internet Business Q&AIn one hour, I’m heading to the airport with my wife, flying to Costa Rica. We will spend a short week there. Then on Monday, I will spend an entire day with my Mentor. That day, I will ask him lots of questions in regards to building a thriving Internet business. And this is your chance…

You certainly have lots of questions on that matter yourself, don’t you? Submit them by posting a comment to this post! I’ll check my blog on Sunday evening and pick up your question(s) and ask them my Mentor directly!

My Mentor is a multi millionaire, making a living online while working only 3 (three!) hours per week. Yup, that’s true, only three. Incredible, isn’t it?

Again, submit your questions to this post and I’ll pick them up!

The next thing you will want to do is subscribe to the blog announcement list as I’m going to provide the answers in password protected posts only. What is the blog announcement list?

See my picture in the upper right? Below that, there are two fields where you enter your name and your e-mail address. Do that, confirm it, and you’re subscribed.

If you are already subscribed, you will then receive the passwords of the respective answer posts once I publish them—including a short announcing e-mail (hence blog announcement list)—so you can read them.

OK; gotta go! :-)

—Marcus Hochstadt

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12 Responses to Internet Business Q&A

  1. I dunno what to ask.

    Off topic personal rant:
    Just had a terrible Saturday morning earlier.
    Now is Saturday afternoon. Still terrible.

    Lost my cool and irrationally banged my head against the bedroom’s door during a senseless bickering with my darling.

    Was already sobbing (what to do? I am a wuss. -_-) when I did that, sobbed even louder then. Bad timing, mum came up after casting her vote (today is general election day) and things went to hell after that.

    Now she wants to break up. T_T

    Haih. Problems. Sorry, I need to unload this somewhere.

    Back to topic:
    Questions … questions … Hmmm …
    Okay, maybe this is too general, but here is the question:

    How to effectively make a living off the internet?


  2. Jorge says:

    Is making money from blogs going to end?

  3. LeisaWatkins says:

    Wow. That’s a tough question because of the endless possible questions I would have. That’s wonderful that you are getting a chance to sit down with such a mentor.

    One question, huh?

    I’ll throw this one out for my fifteen year old son who is just getting started and has no funds to work with.

    What is the one thing that you have done that costs the least, yet brought in the largest return? In other words, what could be done first by someone just starting out to bring in the funds that would allow one to outsource.

  4. Anna says:

    Well, the question that was previously asked by LeisaWatkins, I would like to know the answer to that. I am a single mom of 3 and have VERY limited funds but endless drive and ambition.
    Second, where is the best place to get started on the internet to make money? Not nessacarily the ‘get rich the quickest’ scheme, but something that is genuine.

    Thank you Marcus for taking the time to get these questions and asking them. I am deeply grateful for that. God bless you on your journey.

  5. Wangbu says:

    Best Way to improve PR?

  6. Dominique says:

    Stumbled upon your blog via entrycard.

    Just wondering what is the best way to montorize a blog. If I have a lot of affliate products which I would like to sell and they may not be related to my niche would it be better to use a subdomain to make a MARKETPLACE- or E-store and how to direct “converting traffic” to that site?

    Thanks for reading

  7. MoneyBlog says:

    God articles,Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.Tanks

  8. ukion says:


    I am interesting how you mentor make that money with JUST 3 hours. Can you tell us more about it?


  9. CurlyBrace says:

    Costa Rica, huh? I hope you like your visit here (yup, I live in Costa Rica)! Say, where are you staying? My question I guess would be how did he start and how many hours did he work back then?

  10. Alrighty… Questions noted. Will be picked up in a couple minutes.

    Again, remember to subscribe to the blog announcement list as the answers are going to be published as password protected posts.

    Talk to you later, friends. :-)

  11. […] moment. I like his style and willingness to help other bloggers become better, through posts like Internet Business Q&A where he offers his readers a chance to ask his multimillionarie mentor questions about the […]

  12. eva jenny says:

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