It was a long time ago when I was so excited to travel like I am today.

Right in this moment, we are in the airplane and just taking off, flying from our home in north-east Brazil to my ‘ol comfort homeland, Germany, spending some time there.

I really love both places, Brazil and Germany. Both have their qualities. And most importantly, both places offer Internet access. ;-)

What a wonderful world it is that we’re living in, isn’t it?

Go ahead and create your own Internet Lifestyle and enjoy life wherever you want.

—Marcus Hochstadt

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  1. Connie says:


    This post made me smile. Back and fourth from Germany and Brazil… you poor thing. :)

    A web business gives you the freedom to work any where with Interent access. Now that is a beautiful thing. Can’t wait to see Brazil one day!

  2. Gary Evans says:

    Enjoy the high-speed Internet in Germany, Marcus!

    I hope you have a great time back home.

  3. earn online says:

    Have fun, hope you enjoy your time there!

  4. search tool says:

    the internet lifestyle

    ah what a concept

    don’t think I like it

  5. Thank you guys.

    Connie, Brazil is definitely worth to spend some time there, be it for a couple weeks, months, or even years like in our case. Depending on the place though you need to take very good care of your health and life. Still, where we live in the north-east, it’s quite tranquil.

    Gary, unfortunately, the high-speed has to wait. Currently (and probably for the next couple weeks), I have to live with a slooowwwww dial-up connection. Yeah, even slower than in north-east Brazil, and not even full but half dial-up speed (it’s like a connection with an old modem from stone age).

    Well, you know how badly I’m looking forward to that 16 Mega connection we shall enjoy starting sometime in August, don’t you… ;-)


  6. Joey Martini says:

    There is nothing better then creating an internet lifestyle. Where you can take your business with you wherever you go, there is no need for an office. There are no need for employees, all you need is your labtop, and an internet connection ofcourse. Have fun, one day I will be traveling around like you, maybe next year.

  7. Hey Marcus I’m sure you don’t remember me cause you were to busy making videos and money to pay attention.Well I just want to say two things 1 I have better stats then you and you should of made your blog dofollow;)See Ya

  8. carol says:

    The internet makes the world a small more interconnected place. My husband works in the US, his boss is in Germany and the test team is in India. It is a small world after all.

  9. Cindy King says:

    Icome from the Bahamas but I live in France right now. My partner is from the US and I have a daughter in Canada and family in Florida and Canada.

    I have considered being mobile after my second daughter leaves home (next year) and spending time in the US and Bahamas.

    One point that can help with that decision is taxes. Living out of France 6 months of the year would have me taxed less here. In the US I would be a visitor and in the Bahamas we have easy tax laws. Possible to not be taxed, or only taxed on 50% of my income is a benefit that most people would not think of right away.

    An American living outside the US 330 days of the year files, but is not taxed. For every day under the 330 there are more taxes, but something like 1% per more for each day in the US.

    There are internet marketers that try to live out of the US for half the year to be minimally taxed.

    Something to think about.

  10. Carol says:

    I have lived in Germany (1970-72), Iowa (1972-1980), Washington state (1950-1970; 1980-1988; 1992-present); and Florida (1988-1922) and I loved each place for what it was. Some more than others. I would love to go back to Germany though, and take our son and his family along to show them where they lived and where our son was born (Landstuhl). It could happen. We have friends living there right now and they have invited us to visit before she retires. Enjoy your visit to Germany and have a beer or two for me! :)

  11. says:

    Surely this web business is a boon of the God..
    It does not matter who gets it ……
    It is the matter who utilizes it..
    You are utilizing a lot…
    Good Idea….

  12. Shaun Carter says:

    I am definitely working toward having an Internet lifestyle. Time is a commodity that we never have enough of and can’t buy more it. But earning a living from the Internet gives you all the time in the world.

  13. I was in East Berlin 2 years ago and was amazed to see how regenerated the place is. The Sony centre was amazing, wireless internet everywhere within it too.

  14. lucky… ive always wanted to visit germany, especially since thats where a lot of my ancestry is from. They also make great business partners, internationally speaking.

  15. wilhb81 says:

    Oh, Brazil means “Samba” to me, Marcus! Lol

    By the way, I’m sure that you’ve mastered the Portuguese language very well, isn’t it?

  16. sahil khan says:

    with the internet lifestyle, people have started living parallel lives, and at times multiple ones! in the physical world, the internet world and on their cellphones too. at i times i just want to ‘sigh’.

  17. Fadzli Halim says:

    Hii Marcus,

    My name is Fadzli Abdul Halim. I am from Malaysia and working in the Maldives. Starting last 2-3 weeks I have been reading a lot of stuff regarding the bussiness on the internet. Frankly speaking, I doesn’t have a lot of motivational spirit left inside of me to continue working like I am now eventhough my earning is quite good. I really like to start an Internet bussiness and having a freedom lifestyle but I don’t know how to start, don’t know anything about how to make my own werbsite, and doesn’t really understand how could people get money from Internet. How do you get money from Internet? Is it from your blogg or from your website. What did u sell? Is it only the video and stuff about internet marketing. I also start thinking of what product that I can sell. Appreciate if you could give me some opinion and even better if you could be my guru.

  18. dan says:

    Internet is the most powerful tool right now. Its everywhere!

  19. says:

    I agree, Marcus! You are right to live and enjoy life, be glad that gives us every day. After all of this, we begin to appreciate it when we lose it, but it’s not right. Enjoy every day and love life in all its manifestations

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