Law of Attraction based livingLaw of Attraction? Yup. Today’s post on Jason Mangrum’s blog inspired me to write a bit about the Law of Attraction and my take on it.

When I was a failure and living with just a couple hundred German Marks (received from the government,) have I attracted that? You bet I did! (Today I know I was; that time I was not aware of that Law.)

It was before Joe Vitale released his book The Attractor Factor that I found the love of my life. Even though, at that time, I haven’t read his book yet I used the exact “techniques” in order to find the woman I was looking for.

And that I’m living near the beach in sunny north-east of Brazil, I attracted that, too.

Are you struggling to make money online? Are you wondering why your Internet business is sleeping? Do you question whether or not you attract the things you experience?

You do, even when you struggle. And I do, even when I struggled. The key is to turn your thoughts and feelings away from what you dislike towards something you dream of. THEN, and this is the point where 98% fail, then you need to take immediate ACTION based on occurrences and inspirations.

What I mean by that is this… Once you start dreaming of or wishing something in particular to happen, certain things will occur that are supposed to lead you towards your dreams and wishes. They are there for you to be grabbed instantly.

Remember Albert Einstein, “Nothing happens until something moves.”

Now you could argue that procrastination is also a kind of action. Sure it is, but does it bring you towards the fulfillment of your dreams and wishes?

There’s a good exercise Jason mentions in his today’s blog post…

I want you to spend the first five minutes when you wake up in the morning sitting quietly in your bed, or in a comfortable chair, and just quietly picture in your mind having the things that you want. Use your imagination – it’s the brain’s creative force and it’s a mighty powerful one. After five minutes I want you to make a note of how you feel physically.

I encourage you to do that. Feeling is the key here. It just takes five minutes, but as I found out it is so profound and awfully powerful. I usually go even a step further and perform the 3-minute Power Pause by John Harricharan several times throughout the day.

That’s a lot more powerful that watching TV, I’m telling you!

Do you get this? Nothing happens until something moves!

It is important that you do take action no matter what. When you start dreaming and contemplating that your dreams will come true some day, opportunities will open up for you right in front of your eyes (or ears). Grab these opportunities and take immediate action towards your dreams. Deposit fear and doubt into a box and put that box down to the cellar. Move on with faith and confidence towards your dreams and they WILL come true.

Been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt. :-)

—Marcus Hochstadt

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  3. Jonathan says:

    I believe in the law of attraction, and indeed I have witnessed it’s powers many times in mylife. For instance, when I worry about money, and start pinching my pennies, I have tended to stay poor and stressed, however, when I let go, and hold in my mind the belief that I will alway have more when I need it, and been willing to spend on important things, the money has come.

    • Douglas says:

      I have seen the same thing. I can honestly say that the less I worry about money, the more I have. I no longer check my bank balances everyday. I balance my checkbook once a month now. I life a life of abundance.

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