How to increase Alexa Ranking of your Web siteWould you like to increase the Alexa Ranking of your Web site? I did it myself a couple times already, and once again just recently.

Two weeks ago on December 24, 2007, the Alexa Ranking of this domain,, was below 3,000,000. Today, its one-week average is at a more glorious 175,347. (In Brazil, I’m even on 19,264!) That’s a huge jump of more than 2,800,000 spots. (With the 1,400% jump in Reach they currently display, I actually should be on the Movers/Shakers page, shouldn’t I? ;-)

How did I accomplish that?

Simple answer: I initiated a traffic boost.

I own that domain since 2002, but up to that point I used it mainly for my day-to-day e-mail communication. In December, I decided it was time to “do something more useful” with it and put up a blog. I then announced to the small lists I own and to a whole bunch of friends and relatives by mentioning a Christmas Card in HTML format. (It was a plain simple HTML page with a picture (still live) and text in three languages, as well as a small link to the home page where I was playing around with the WordPress installation.)

Some of them obviously have the Alexa Toolbar installed. That’s where the first jump around Christmas occurred.

The second jump happened when James Brausch honored one of my posts on his blog on January 2nd.

By the way, Jack S. Keifer has also experiences with increasing his Alexa Ranking. As of today, his one-week average ranking is at 159,503 (jumped up from 3,550,000.) Even when you compare our site’s ranking, the curves (representing the past three months) are very similar, aren’t they…

Alexa graph comparing with

(C’mon Jack; let’s push our sites up to the next level! :-)

Jack was inspired by an article Richard Lee recently published on how to improve your site’s A-Ranking. (New word, huh?) Also a nice method to pump it up.

Bottom line? Alexa is useless for measuring your own traffic. Use more reliable tools such as Google Analytics, Site Meter, and the like for that.

It IS useful for comparing how you are doing against your competitors and friends. And the better the ranking (above 100,000) the more accurate the data becomes.

Stay within your theme, post quality content on a regular basis, and you’ll soon as well attract more visitors to your site, therefore it is likely your Alexa Ranking climbs up, too.

See you at the top!

—Marcus Hochstadt

P.S. In case you have it not done yet, here’s the link to download and install the Alexa Toolbar on your computer

P.P.S. Here’s how I got to Alexa’s Top 100,000 within 66 days.

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  2. […] to a post I made three weeks ago on how to increase Alexa Ranking, the my blog’s Ranking climbed up to the roof within the last two […]

  3. Storm says:

    Your rank just dropped one more. It’s strange to think of rank dropping being good, but there it is. Great post.

  4. I never expect to gain so much in Alexa ranking.. all thanks to Entrecard and StumbleUpon traffics, I guess

  5. Is there any other way to increase the Alexa Ranking?

  6. Put up an Alexa rank widget on your website. I did this a few days ago and receive a fair amount of clicks every day. According to some, each click counts as a visit even if the toolbar is not used by the visitor.

  7. When you look at things on a day to day basis, I’ve found that our alexa rank often goes against our traffic trends. On our higher traffic days, our ranking will sometimes be lower than it is on days with less traffic.

    With that said, the system seems to have improved in terms of accuracy since Alexa launched their new ranking system.

    A friend of mine runs a site with 8% of our daily page view total and used to have a ranking 30,000 places above us in terms of 3 month average. This was simply a result of the fact that his audience is more “internet savvy” and more likely to have the alexa toolbar installed. Fortunately for our sake, the rankings are far more appropriate since the new system was launched and seem to be more reflective of this.

    I should also add that our daily rankings are a bit more in line with traffic since the new ranking system was launched. Day to day data can sometimes be a little inaccurate, but things over the long haul generally trend with traffic. As you point out, it’s all about the traffic.

    Good stuff.

  8. drt says:

    Everybody seems to get a jump in their A-rank (borrowed your new word) once they installed the alexa toolbar except me. Yes, I got a jump but from 4,400,000 to 5,300,000. :-) Don’t know what’s wrong? Do you have any idea? Thanks.

  9. […] then install the alexa-toolbar and I would see a tremendous increase in my A-Ranking (borrowed from Marcus Hochstadt) number. Some of them got it overnight, but too bad, that didn’t happen to […]

  10. Alex says:

    Thank you for useful information, unfortunately this is long term. w. Is anybody knows real web traffic providers. I tried to google by looks like most of them are scam.
    Thank you,

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  12. buzziboy says:

    First of all thanks for such a nice article.I have a kids website . my alexa has been drop tremendously. please visit this site and please help me out. I want to know one more thing…Would i get more benefit , if i have high Alexa traffic ranking? Does it drive more traffic to my web site?

  13. G Web says:

    So on other words we need to drive traffic to our website as the more visitors the more chance there is as those visitors might have the tool bar installed. Will have to start implementing a newsletter and sending clients to the website. Thanks for the post, enjoyed it.

  14. Thanks for the info and good luck

  15. Carazoo says:


    Thanks for the information. But I still want to increase my Alexa India rank. So am still still searching on how to increase it.

  16. star says:

    great post.. can you let me know even more deep about it…

  17. shun2u says:

    now i am trying my best to get higher alexa rank.

  18. I can not increase Alexa at all :(

    I am so depressed and disappointed :(

  19. You didn’t really describe how you increased your ranking, though. Not everyone can get quoted by prominent bloggers to receive a traffic boost. You did mention that you should post quality content in order to get people to come, and i agree with that. But that’s pretty much the point of blogging in the first place.

  20. Pedro Sá says:

    Great tips my friend. I have just sarted to pay attention to alexa ranking and now i’m trying to increase my rank. Cheers

  21. NY movers says:

    I think Alexa is not the actual information about the traffic. But its really helpful for people who considering to make their site as a money making machine.

  22. lazy king says:

    nice post, i will try to follow your way…

  23. Jeff Henry says:

    My site has Alexa more than 1 million+. Ouch.

  24. sharath says:

    Excellent Post, thanks a lot, will follow the tips

  25. Z-Templates says:

    Great tips, I hope this will up my rank, as it’s been sittin at 2mill for a LONG time now!

  26. Aaron Becker says:

    Even our rank increased in alexa by posting new projects and writing new content. Check alexa. But its like MIPS rating of processors. Meaningless Indicator of Performance Statistics.

  27. Eric says:

    I’m going crazy trying to firgure out why my site took a such a hit going from 700,000 to 1,100,000 in less the n a week. can anyone help?

  28. It does take some time to get a high ranking, you really have to be marketing your site a lot to get a huge traffic boost.

  29. zujoe says:

    I used to install alexa button on my site then the jump of my rank is so high from 15million to 800.000 for only 2 months, but after got a better traffic I uninstalled the button from my site then now my rank decrease to 1.000.000. The conclusion is an Alexa button takes an important role to increase our rank right?

    • Sharath says:

      Hi Folks, thats a really interesting topic.
      Its clearly known that alexa ranking is a very important factor like page rank and backlinks. That is the reason it is emphasized everywhere. Any addition to your webpages, good keywords, unique articles, links(on page optimization) or Posting to high page rank sites ( off page optimization ) will certainly boost the alexa ranking.
      Apart from that having the alexa toolbar makes a difference, but it is not the end result. The alexa tool bar cannot take you to the top beyond certain extent. That is my view, hope this helps, let me know if you need anything else.

  30. Helio says:

    If anyone with alexa toolobar installed in his computer will help in increasing alexa rank. Alexa measure rank according to traffic on your site by the persons who have installed alexa toolbar.

  31. Donald says:

    I have noticed a steady improvement in my “a-rank” I can’t wait until I get to the numbers you guys are talking about!

  32. Jaihodesi says:

    We noticed our ranking is improving steadily by placing the ALEXA widget on our site Does anyone have tips how we can get rank below 100,000?

  33. cuaryos says:

    I have alexa toolbar on my browser and widget alexa, hope my rank may spread rapidly. i’am waiting …..

  34. kishor says:

    Is it true that alexa rank depends on the number of visitors who have installed alexa toolbar in their browser ?

  35. cuaryos says:

    I attach alexa toolbar after 2 weeks of launched my new blog. and within 6 weeks my alexa rank from 23 million to 2 million, I do not know is this pertained fast or normal ?…..

  36. Angela says:

    Alexa is quite new to me. Does it actually differs on the Google? Traffic is the main thing that needs to be checked whether your site is doing good, right? So I think that if you are doing good in Google, everything, like the Alexa, should follow.

  37. Arnel says:

    Just starting my site, for this moment my site has no data on alexa. How many weeks do data appear on my alexa rank?

  38. Steven Finch says:

    Here are some other ways to improve your alexa ranking: [URL removed]

  39. massi7e says:

    Thanks for sharing. In fact I have good Alexa ranking but looking for google page rank.


  40. Abhay Singh says:

    For the first time I’m working on to improve my Alexa Rank !
    Once my blog went to 177000 now it dropped to somewhere around 300000 !
    I’m a Regular Poster again and it seems to be increasing now!

  41. TruXter says:

    It seems your Alexa Rank has changed a bit recently. Mine fluctuates a bit too.

  42. Rama Mohan A says:

    I am not understand how to have a good Alexa rank. The number is increasing day by day and even I am trying to keep updating every day with a new post.

  43. AZRU KHAN says:


    send me more info. about increasing blog ranking

  44. gaurav joshi says:

    What getting wondered to me , peoples emphasizes on alexa rank more on these days and this thing doesn’t fit into my mindspace yet i would better consider to use analytics program such as by omniture and google , but in between somehow alexa could be proved as a tool worth to spend time if you are on link exchange.

  45. VIZTECHNO2011 says:


  46. I never thought that Alexa would contribute problem to my site

  47. Raj says:

    do u really think Alexa ranking as a legit one??

  48. How to boost alexa ranking of a brand new website? 

  49. cnxsoft says:

    Installing the Alexa toolbar in your own PC and possibly adding the Alexa widget to your blog are two easy steps to improve your Alexa rank. But I suppose this would just have a major effect on poorly ranked site (e.g. > 1 million). The most important is to have real visitors coming to your site because they like you content.

  50. csr says:

    That’s great idea… i will try  your method and i hope alexa rank will increase on our website.. thank you so much.. very useful for me..

  51. csr says:

    i heard about alexa toolbar so i decided to install alexa toolbar but our rank on alexa not increase.. so i think this toolbar not much help..


  52. the best way to increase alexa rank is by writing webmaster related article cause most of the webmaster has alexa tool bar installed on them.

  53. Primepaid says:

    traffic is the key

  54. Oliver says:

    Get loads of people to use the toolbar ;P

  55. Not true, Alexa’s ranking is not based solely on their toolbar.

  56. The quantity of information in here is stunning, Youre really properly informed and extremely intelligent

  57. Casperpuss says:

    how can i up my site at alexa ranking..that is my number 1 problem now…

  58. Lagreta says:

    whats the best way ??

  59. Nice Post… But Users need to install Alexa toolbar :-)

  60. sosrojoyo says:

    humm, little hard, but have to try… thank’s

  61. Ben Hamilton says:

    I think that it’s time for me to increase my A-Ranking now.

    Very Interesting article, and thanks for the tips:)

  62. way2makemoney says:

    I was wondering if these tips are still applicable, or is there any new ideas concerning Alexa’s ranking?

    Any tips will be appreciate:)

  63. NewVideos says:

    We have worked very diligently over the last two months to lower our Alexa Ranking. It has paid off quite well. We went from 3.5 million to 825,000 in that time.
    We have blogged. Used directories and linking to only quality sites and it paid off for us

  64. My websites Alexa rank was in 7 lakhs suddenly its saying alexa rank not applicable what may be the reason

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