New face“Oops, is that a new site?” No, I just took the time and replaced the infamous WordPress standard template with a more professional looking one that is still light and fast loading (isn’t it?).

It’s not perfect yet though. Some spots are not behaving and looking the way I want.

I’ll play around with it in the next couple days (I like to play with/on code ;-), so don’t be surprised (or shocked?) when it looks a bit differently from today; although it shall not change that much.

If at all, your browsing experience will improve. :-)

—Marcus Hochstadt

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4 Responses to New Face

  1. Alex says:

    I appreciate simple and clean designs. If it is fast loading too, that what would buy me… Nice one.

  2. Geekstr says:

    Nice and clean! I like the new look! Who needs a lot of graphics cluttering up their site anyway? I build web sites every day and I truly appreciate the simple designs much more than the flashy ones.

  3. Ron S says:

    A very nice choice you’ve made. The minimalist, uncluttered design suits your style of writing rather well.

  4. Thank you guys.

    Phew! Now with your testimonials on file I can sleep much better… LOL

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