RaSof and Blog SEOHave you ever been looking for how to “SEO” your Internet business blog? Ever heard of RaSof? Are you wondering what the heck you have to do in order to get and retain Top 10 rankings at the Search Engines for whatever keyword phrase?

Lots of questions, I know, “but what the hell is RaSof anyway?”

It was James Brausch who generously gave me a Christmas Gift last year when I got to know RaSof. (James, I really appreciate it and am continuously benefiting from it. Again, thank you very much.)

As James says, in terms of ranking factors, a proper domain name covers 20%, off-page criteria are 40%, and the source code of your pages (i.e. “on-page criteria”) cover the remaining 40% importance.

James Brausch is still offering RaSof for a mere $100/mo (instead of $1,000).

With the knowledge I already had when launching this blog, and with the new insights I got with his Christmas gift, I now start getting more and more visitors from Google. My blog does not rank in the Top 10 for the term “internet business” yet, but I’m confident sometime this year it will. (And frankly, there are more high profile keywords available than internet business alone.)

When I first entered my blog’s URL into RaSof it displayed a score of 545. Last week it showed a whopping 1,300+. (Let’s see when Google recognizes this value… ;-)

I’m going to post more about improving your on-page criteria in the future. Meanwhile, if you want to pump up your Internet business and earn top rankings at the SEs, I encourage you to subscribe to RaSof while it’s still available for this price.

—Marcus Hochstadt

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7 Responses to RaSof And Blog SEO

  1. Tyler says:

    With regard to the 20% that is covered by a proepr domina name, what constitutes a proper domain name?
    Thank you.

  2. Tyler says:

    That should read “by a proper domain name” sorry for the error.

  3. Hi Tyler,

    Basically, you’ll want to use your main keyword in the domain name (preferably right at the beginning,) keep it as short as possible, without dashes, and preferably with the .com or .org extension.

    There are two sources that I recommend…

    There’s a good explanation available at sitesellvideos.com. (Open the DAY 5 video and click on ‘Name Your Domain’ in the video’s NavBar.) And yes, I produced that video and the ‘male voice’ with lots of misspellings is mine. ;-)

    And James Brausch’s Nemeas software goes a step beyond that.

    Hope that helps?

  4. Tyler says:

    Thank you. That is as I had suspected.
    If yo uhad to choose between the .org and .com extension, which would you choose?
    I can’t help but think that it had to be at least part of the reason for JB’s “move”.
    Thanks again!

  5. Tyler says:

    Any insight on the previous question?

  6. Well, with my today’s knowledge I would still choose the .com but would probably also register the .org version, and perhaps the .net too.

    I may ask this question James Brausch personally since I’ll spend an entire day with him in March. So stay tuned! :-)

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