Today’s SundayTV show perfectly fits to the entrepreneurial subjects we had this week on my blog. It shows Peter Jones‘ 10 Rules For Entrepreneurial Success. You may know Peter; he wrote the Bestseller Tycoon.

He packed his excellent tips into 2:20 minutes…

—Marcus Hochstadt

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6 Responses to SundayTV

  1. Fitz says:

    Great post Marcus, I’m reminded of Richard St. John’s TED talk. :)

  2. Nice – Love the new EC logo btw!

  3. Martyn says:

    Nice short sharp video. I personally hate videos that waffle on, explaining each point in tedious detail. Good choice!

  4. I Need Alex says:

    interesting video

  5. Yeah, really excellent 10 bullet points Peter Jones presents here.

  6. Gary Evans says:

    Great video, Marcus!

    I watch Peter Jones on Dragons Den and American Inventor. He’s quite sharp with people, and I don’t normally resonate with him, but these 10 points he makes are all brilliant. Thanks for sharing!


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