No, not mine, but I just visited a blog of someone I know and he has links in the sidebar to some of his products. When I clicked one of those links in order to visit that site (and to see the sales letter of that product), I was redirected to another domain which displayed the message: “This Domain Name Has Expired”.

Isn’t that nice? Imagine you create a product and start promoting its URL using different marketing techniques, and all of a sudden you stop making sales because “the domain name has expired”… Ouch!

It’s not the first blog I saw that happening. So may I ask you this…

Did you make sure to have your domain names set to auto renew? If auto renew is unavailable, did you mark your calendar as to when to renew the domain(s)? You may lose a lot of money otherwise.

Another message I see fairly often is “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded”. This is another thing that can kill your Internet Business. I would check your cPanel regularly as to how much bandwidth you usually use. And when you reach the limit, you may wanna use another hosting package or check another hosting company!

Besides, have someone to check your Web sites regularly, perhaps every day, to see if they are still live. Or use a hosting company that guarantees an uptime of at least 99% if not 100%.

Thought you wanna know and perhaps check the health of your Web sites now. ;-)

—Marcus Hochstadt

12 Responses to This Domain Name Has Expired

  1. CyberCelt says:

    It can be more embarrassing. A crimestoppers program in Texas let their domain name lapse. The domain was purchased by a porn site.

  2. Jauhari says:

    Scheduling is Important to keep our domains always up to date ;)

  3. James says:

    Yeah..that’s what i mean in my last comment on your blog about business plan. If you found the case like this it means the owner of the website doesn’t have a good business plan. And as the result it can kill the business slowly..:)

  4. jeflin says:

    Great advice. Messages of expired domain and insufficient bandwidth can cause potential customers to have a bad impression of the site and affect subsequent sales.

    • Zoltan says:

      Another advantage is that according to some experts the search engines may give a slightly higher weighting to domains that are purchased for the long term rather than expiring in just a few more months. This makes sites as spam sites would probably be only held short term.

  5. Marie says:

    If you have a domain name that your really like, definitely make a point to keep it renewed – because good domain names are getting harder to come by.

  6. havenlei says:

    I just bought my domain.. I have to check on that.I’m glad you shared this idea

  7. Nihar says:

    Good article. Need to keep track of bandwidth and domain expiry date…

  8. It’s a crucial factor in Internet business, to have your domain active and its uptime at at least 99%.


  9. KushMoney says:

    I would say if you really plan on building a brand with your blog. Buy your domain for as many years as you can up front.

    As for bandwidth problem. A person should do their homework on hosting companies before buying hosting.

  10. Qaswer says:

    Nice tips but i am wondering who would have expired their domain without knowing? In my mail account, I always started receiving mails from my domain registrar almost a month before expiry of a domain. I think people do so intentionally just to get rid of their flop projects..

  11. I’ve seen some scripts that allowes You to check all Youre domain expiration time and informs You with an email about next expiration date. It’s great way to manage everything when you have more than 10 domains.

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