Al Pacino is a terrific actor. I love watching movies with him. In one of those movies he held an exceptional speech. Wanna see? Thought so… ;-)

It’s one of those we can use to push ourselves to new, unknown heights. Therefore, it’s an excellent choice for today’s SundayTV show…

Isn’t it incredible how he turned around the entire team in just 3 minutes?

—Marcus Hochstadt

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3 Responses to SundayTV

  1. Jacob says:

    “Any Given Sunday” is, in my mind, one of Pacino’s better movies.

    it on my top 3 Pacino movies. Amongst Heat and Scarface.

    Oh .. And the speech is cool.. But the turning the team around in 3 minutes, is typical Movie BS :(

  2. Turning a team around in 3 minutes, and the way it’s presented, may very well be typical movie BS.

    Still, you can do that in real life, too. Often used in NLP.


  3. In sports, where the amount of effort exerted can be the ultimate deciding factor, a dramatic halftime speech can be the difference. How many times have you ever heard someone say in a post game interview after losing that the other team just wanted it more? That’s exactly where that 3 minute turnaround can be seen.

    Plus, Pacino had Steamin’ Willie Beamin…that never hurts.

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