Live Where Your Heart Calls You ToI made my dream of living in Brazil come true almost two years ago after the FIFA World Cup in July 2006. It was my second attempt to move to this amazing country.

The first attempt was in 2004. It was when I gave up most of my belongings and temporarily moved to my mother’s home. I was so sure to move to Brazil and to continue to build and expand my Network Marketing business here, which I had to that time. Though, a sudden change in business made me stay in Germany and work on the new venture there.

My second attempt was when I invited Edilene to visit me in Germany for 3 weeks. (We got to know each other on the Internet.) Those 3 weeks ended up to 3 months, she experienced the entire World Cup, and I decided to finally give up 90% of my belongings (again) and move to Brazil.

We have an amazing climate here (~30°C/86°F all year), and I enjoy beach view when looking out of the window of my home office. (The beach is just a 2-minute foot walk away.)

Having an Internet business gives you a lot of freedom. If you haven’t started one, of if yours is not profitable yet, I strongly encourage you to focus on getting one up ASAP. It gives you more freedom to decide to do what your heart calls you to.

What is your favorite place when going on vacation? Why not move there?

Are you afraid of losing contact to your friends and family? Skype and its amazing specials can help solve that problem.

You think you don’t have enough money for “the jump”? The cost may be lower than you expect. Why not calculate? It’s the first step towards manifestation.

Worried you have too much “stuff”, like furnitures, clothes, and other material goods? Let eBay help you get rid of them. Or give it to non-profit organizations who may need your stuff more than you do. 80% of the things you own you do not use anyway, so why keep them? Get rid of the dust collecting junk! This step alone will bring more mental freedom into your life. Do it and you’ll see. :-)

You’re afraid to live there “forever”? Well, who says you would have to do that? Why not do a test drive? Living 2-3 months in your paradise may give you enough chances to evaluate if that place is really your “dream come true,” or if it’s actually another spot on earth. We have a big planet. :-)

Bottom line, the excuses we develop in our mind may be just that, excuses. Only once you do it you know how it really is.

Start to plan and calculate. You may be amazed at how easy it actually is to to the jump and live where your heart calls you to.

If you do live at your dream spot, I congratulate you. Enjoy the time of your life.

If not, however, then I encourage you to do the first step now and get rid of some of the dust collecting junk while you outline the next steps.

Life is supposed to be fun!

—Marcus Hochstadt

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10 Responses to Live Where Your Heart Calls You To

  1. Mirjam says:

    Man… this sounds so familiar to me!
    I moved from the Netherlands to Spain over 10 years ago, always knew I did want to keep living in the neths and after doing a spanish course in the south of Spain I just knew I had found my home!

    True… I lost a lot of friends but in hindsight they might only have been “people I know”, I do have one friend left from backhome and we maintain contact through the internet and try to visit eachother whenever we can, she is now even thinking of moving here too!

    At present I am actually living at 5 minutes from where I dream of living, I wrote a post about it a few weeks ago (you mentioned it in your blog ;) ) and my main focus at present is living there, I have photos of the place on a vision board, I drive by whenever I go into town and pretend I am going home, etc.

    The main shift with keeping this place in my mind is that I notice a lot of changes in my work and every day life, I am way more productive than I used to be, have my plan outlined with steps to take for my business, have decluttered my house for an easy move etc.

    Feels like it is just a matter of time…and time really is relative anyways :D

  2. Gary Evans says:

    Hi Marcus,

    Excellent post! Having an Internet business means you can live an Internet lifestyle, so why not enjoy what the world has to offer and live somewhere that you love!

    I’m taking the steps to follow in your footsteps, Marcus, and hope to find my ideal home in beautiful & peaceful Costa Rica in a few months time.

    What a blessing the Internet is!


  3. Soothsayer says:

    Congrats on your new life Marcus. One suggestion…why don’t you post some pics of where you live and the area so people can experience it with you? And perhaps talk about your daily routine? It might help motivate some people to share these details. Then they can relate better.

  4. Sign me up … if I hadn’t already started an internet business; after reading that post I would run right out and start one. Thanks for your insight.

  5. Kevin Thomas says:

    God this sounds great. I’ve been reading Timothy Feriss’s ‘4 Hour Work Week’ and just picked up a book called ‘Moonlighting on the Internet’. I’m hoping to be able to reach that financial freedom in the next couple years.

    I would love to travel the world, however I’m a bit apprehensive because I have a 2 year old daughter with another child on the way. I’m not sure how it’ll effect them bouncing all over the world like that not having any permanent friends.

  6. Carl says:

    Totally agree! We made the decision to do some travelling, spent 10 months in Germany, now we’re in Spain, don’t know where we’ll be next but having an Internet business gives you a lot of freedom. I recommend it for anyone who wants to choose their lifestyle.

  7. jj says:

    Marcus, I especially loved this post, I guess because it spoke to me. After living for years in cold weather during the winter months, have just lately been thinking of moving to warm weather for the winter. It seems too overwhelming when one actually starts thinking about closing down one home, moving pets, getting packed and all of the other stuff that comes into play. Or is it just a way of procrastination so you get stuck in one place? You make it sound so easy…and something to really think about. Thanks! *JJ*

  8. What can I say – thoughts become things. Visualize it, believe, act on opportunity and you’re there!

    very inspiring. Congrats on reaching your dream.

  9. Glad to see this post inspires people.

    Some ask me whether I would “hate” Germany. A clear no! I LOVE Germany.

    It is better to say that I love both locations. Both have their advantages in one way or another. That’s why we are also spending a few weeks or months in Germany each year. As a matter of fact, we have a strong desire to go there ASAP (which we will do soon).

    My hope is you can do the same, living where your heart calls you to.


  10. Hi Marcus. I too recently have moved to my dream location of South Beach, Florida from Brooklyn, New York (I had to take a pay cut to do it… but it’s totally worth it).

    I hated the winters there and loved the tropics so South Beach for me was the perfect in-between, offering the best of the Caribbean (the Sea, the Sun, the Weather) with what I’m used to in New York (the Fun, the Nightlife, the Excitement).

    Now all I have to work on is making my web sites profitable and I’ll be fine.

    Thanks for sharing. It motivates me to stay on track even more… & yes I agree with Soothsayer, pictures and your daily routine would add a nice touch.

    RPM Millionaire

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