Video Site Review of readytoberich.blogspot.comI’ve come to the end of the Video Site Review of

Fitz, you already got my e-mail with the link to your video package (3 videos – 160MB – 50:19 Min.) Enjoy watching and learning from them. :-)

Now, since I promised to give a short written review on my blog (so others can learn from it too,) let’s go straight to the meat…

When talking about Internet business, working at home, and how to get rich, I love sticking to simplicity and focusing on content. Flashy layouts and blinking banners are distracting. They push visitors away from your MWR (Most Wanted Response.)

You do have a clean layout, using black & white as the basic colors. You do use the color blue occasionally, which is OK since it’s not overly used. So principally, I like your layout.

Very roughly and distilled from the three videos, here are some of the improvements I would implement when your blog would be mine…


  • Increase font size of headline slightly – The headline is the most important part of a blog post.
  • Decrease font size of the post date slightly and move that line below the headline – Right now it seems the post’s date is more important than its headline.
  • Have the “Comments” link appear more prominent.
  • Separate posts from each other using horizontal lines (for example)
  • Avoid long 5-7 sentence paragraphs – A paragraph shall consist of 1-4 sentences max. (on average)
  • Instead of justifying text, have it left aligned – Studies prove text is easier to read when left aligned.
  • Have a bigger smile on your face – That you have a photo of yourself on your blog is great! And smiling more deeply and out of your heart can have an infectious and captivating effect to your audience. (I know, need to update my own…)

Keywords & Traffic

Since one of your goals for improvement was to get more traffic from your target audience, I gave you two resources you can use to research and find a bunch of high profit keywords.

The goal is to focus on one keyword per page, distributing the keyword 4-7 times throughout an article. This is also called “Keyword Focused Content Pages.”

With this approach, over time you’ll likely attract lots of traffic from the Search Engines. (SEO can be a science, that’s why I use the word “likely” here since there’s much more to it than high profit keywords alone.)

There are three more strategies to get more traffic from your target audience. One is commenting on blogs in your market or niche, another is posting on forums.

In the second video, I go into more detail of these two, and I give you the URL and a short tutorial for another (the third) method.

Marketing & Money

  • Get your own domain name! – This is sooo crucial when talking about money and business. Some (or more) folks think one couldn’t afford the $6,95/mo it cost to host an own domain.

    When having an own name, the picture it portrays to others is a much better and more professional one. Not to forget that an own domain name, usually, is easier to remember.

  • Get a unique favicon. Stand out from the browser crowd. Be memorable and remarkable. Right know, your blog has the default favicon.
  • Less is more – My guess is some of the monetization models you currently use are a waste of valuable virtual real estate. Or in other words, they bring near to zero in return financially (i.e., below $50/mo.)

    By removing these, your other revenues usually increase. (Fortunately, your blog isn’t full of banners and distracting “By Me Now” buttons. Yet there may be certain things you may want to remove in order to increase income.)

    I go into much more detail in this third video. To summarize…

    Drop those that generate no money, keep the best, and have your MWR (Most Wanted Response) above the fold. Be it AdSense, an affiliate program, or the viral marketing stuff (RSS, e-mail, etc), put that up to the top to have it front and center in your visitor’s eye.

What do you others think? Any additional ideas for improvement? Any tips & strategies to squeeze more out of Fitz’ blog?

—Marcus Hochstadt

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7 Responses to Video Site Review

  1. Fitz says:

    Thanks for the site review. I’ll do what I can to implement everything that you recommended.

    I’m currently arranging my transfer to a new domain name. I’m not much of a web guy so it will take some time for me to fully migrate to a new home. Slowly but surely, I say.

    Again, please accept my deepest gratitude. More power to your blog!

  2. You are more than welcome, Fitz.

    Yes, take your time. Sooner or later, anybody had to learn all that stuff. But since it’s a skill, all we have to do is just follow a proven plan. :-)

    All the best to you and you all.

  3. From the article:
    The goal is to focus on one keyword per page, distributing the keyword 4-7 times throughout an article. This is also called “Keyword Focused Content Pages.”

    Haha, people always talk about keyword density, but they never give concrete numbers. Thanks for that.
    I still wonder, does the 4-7 times includes the title and the meta tags or is it only the article itself you are referring to?


  4. Hi Oliver,

    “Keyword Density” together with a number IS correct because it depends on the length of the article/page. When one says it should have a keyword density of 2% and you use 300 words, you can easily count how many times you put that keyword onto the page to have a density of 2%.

    That said, the 4-7 times I gave is a rough number because, again, it depends on the length of the article. So I should have given a number in terms of keyword density, actually.

    Bottom line? Stay within a keyword density of 2-3% and you’re ready to rock! :-)

    By the way, with keyword density they usually refer to what’s between the opening and closing body tag.

  5. TripTheLady says:

    That was honest and (almost) brutal. Nice review! I learned something from it and will look a little differently at my blog and use some of your suggestions made to Fitz. Thanks.

  6. Mike says:

    You could have told him a couple more things about his On page SEO. There are several things i don’t like there, starting with the site’s link structure and finishing with the post’s titles. Lots should be done in this field in order to get the so needed SE traffic ;)

  7. Nice post. Great ideas. I like the focus on one keyword per page concept.

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