Wrong Security ThinkingWhen Do You Quit Your Job? It’s The Ultimate Leap Of Faith.

You have a new business in mind; you may have the contracts waiting and eager clients knocking on your door, but are you ready to take that leap into the unknown? That giant leap of faith that launches your transition from employed to self employed?

The majority of workers welcome the stability and “security” obtained from being employed.

In an ideal world, they can keep their home life and work completely separate. They have regulated hours, a pension plan, holiday pay, paid sickness and other benefits, and then receive a monthly or weekly wage for their efforts.

Or in modern words, they trade hours for money.

Of course, the real working world can be very different, with dissent from your colleagues, an over demanding boss, unsociable working hours, stress, little advancement or lack of recognition for your efforts, but still you continue.

Regardless what your job does or doesn’t do for you, at least it brings you security… really?

Successful entrepreneurs would never consider returning to the rat race. Despite the hurdles they have faced throughout their career, wild horses could not drag them back to the fortress of a full time employment.

The benefits of running your own successful Internet business far outweigh the fear of losing your “security,” or I rather call it supposed security. No matter how secure your employment feels, you cannot be naive enough to think you would never face the risk of redundancy, unemployment, or that final eventuality we all have to reach—retirement.

It is something I faced myself in 2003. I was so sure I would never lose my 6-year old Sales Manager job that I even planned to stay in the company 3-4 more years. And then, out of nowhere, the company’s French Headquarters decided to get rid of 70% of their German sales team—within two weeks…


That time made me realize nothing is more secure than being your own boss and running your own business.

It may come with risks, but to the successful businessman and -woman they are planned and calculated. The benefits and new-found security from owning your own business far outweighs the meager rewards found in a full time employment. Speaking of which…

Building Confidence And Control

When you have the confidence in your products, skills and abilities, your possibilities are endless. You don’t have to run anything by the boss but take on full responsibility for your actions.

Every day presents a new learning curve. By taking on and conquering all challenges, the confidence you acquire is boundless. Suddenly you have the control over your own business and the direction in which you are going to take it. The decision making is in your hands and not forced upon you.

It Is Self Governing

You can set your own working hours, salary, holiday time and overall working policies. Running your own Internet business allows you to flexible with your time and achieve a rewarding work and home balance. If you want to work over the weekend and have time off in the week when the masses are all in their offices, it’s your choice. You have the freedom.

By the same respect, you cannot run wild. Owning your own business requires discipline and unlimited motivation, and you have to govern your own progress to ensure your success.

You Can Choose Your Own Direction

Many successful entrepreneurs move from business to business. They rarely stay on one track for the rest of their careers. If one idea does not work for them, they are free to move on to another, and constantly explore new avenues for success.

The life span of your career is also your own choosing. You can retire early, or continue to enjoy working long after retirement age, rather than go by the restrictions of your employer.

Creating A New Network

There is life outside your old office. Successful business entrepreneurs are expert networkers. They enjoy meeting new people and discovering new opportunities.

You are no longer confined to your colleagues or old employer’s network, but able to meet new, dynamic and likeminded people many of whom have also thrown off those shackles of employment.

Of course, every new business needs planning. You cannot resign immediately then run before you can walk.

Take time to plan your new career. If you can, run it alongside your existing employment on a part-time basis. Once it starts bearing fruit, you have the funds to make the final leap, or switch your employment to part-time and use your free hours to bring your new Internet business to the next level.

And do take advice. Not from the detractors who want the security of their employment though, but listen to those who have made that leap and have succeeded.

Find and learn from those who walk the talk.

—Marcus Hochstadt

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12 Responses to Wrong Security Thinking

  1. John says:

    Well another great post and it was ontime I was actually talking to my wife about you and Costa Rica this morning.So I don’t have a DVD or e-book.But I made 280 today setting up a wordpress blog on it’s own domain.I think about your approach to things and wonder if it’s envy or just not my lack of confidence,anyway one day my old roomie will mail me Back my web cam,it’s a high end one Then the Net better look OUT :)Keep Up the great work
    watching from the sidelines

  2. John says:

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    you can delete this post thanks

  3. TeasasTips says:

    Hey Marcus, I just made the leap of faith, basically it was made for me. I went out to have emergency surgery and my job was gone. I didn’t stress, I just amped up my blogging game. Kudos, great post.

  4. Marty says:

    Hey Marcus,

    Great post. I love reading your blog. It’s particularly inspirational to me as a fairly new blogger with big goals. Also thank you for taking the time to reach out to me. It’s very much appreciated.

  5. Anna says:

    Great post. I too felt the sting of lack of security a year ago when I got pregnant with my 3rd child. I was high up on the ladder but came tumbling down very hard when I was let go over a ‘lame’ excuse.
    I am now a single mom, working to make money on the internet and working from home. It is challenging but I know the rewards will be great. I am able to be with my children and that is the best part.
    Thank you for your thoughts and condolences for the loss of my mom. It meant a lot to me. God bless.

  6. Gene says:

    Hi Marcus,

    I liked your article and agree with many points. However, you have to take into account that you are a sales guy, a sales guy makes his own destiny a lot more so then say an accountant or a software developer. Sales guys by nature are hunters and a layoff is just another opportunity for them.

    I’m not afraid to lose my job because I know I will find one within a few days, such is my profession. But I also agree that once you are on your own, going back to the rate race would be unthinkable.

    Ultimately my goal is go on on my own, but I have to be prepared. Starting off on your own without the proper preparation and maturity can be disastrous.



  7. dai says:

    I came thru the Project W ad in my site (Your ad was like that), I was afraid that some bad site creeped thro’ .

    Good blog!


  8. The Aries says:

    Dear Friend,
    I have to tell you now i am using new blog with the same widget, different address only. My old blog has been removed by google because of someone hack and add malware in my old blog. So, I hope from today everything will be oke.
    Any way you have a nice blog and I like your content :)
    Success for you

    The Aries

  9. Michael says:

    Hi Marcus,

    Michael here.

    Let me first of all compliment you on this great summation for being a self-employed online entrepreneur.

    Ever thought of becoming a lawyer …lol?

    Taking chances always bares risks. But as you said, risks can be calculated or minimized.

    Like for instance by working out a business plan or roadmap to your goals.

    Then break down the neccessary action into tasks you can handle one by one …

    If you work on them with focus and discipline (did i mention i’m a German … lol), success will follow as sure as day follows night …*-)

    And theer are a lotof great training resources available online.
    Some free, some will cost a fee.

    But an entrepreneur will see this as an investment, that will pay out more later …

    Life is all about taking chances. I you take no chances, ask yourself what kind of life your living …

    Success to yall of you …


  10. Good article again :)

    I am still working as a radio Dj since the schedule is lax (3-4 hours a day, weekends off) and run my own business. I am not yet willing to lose the job I have there since they pay me all the taxes (i have my wage there) and the salary is not that bad.

  11. Thank you all for your comments. It is much appreciated.

    You know… what I learned over time is we have a tremendous opportunity nowadays. Just think back ten years, how was it that time? What about working on the Internet, was it possible? If yes, how?

    We may encounter obstacles along the way, but when you put on your entrepreneurial hat you will realize it’s not that difficult at all. All you have to do is follow instructions (or step-by-step plans) and put in the same effort as you do in a regular job. Maybe a bit differently, yes, but pretty much about the same (or a bit more.)

    What I figured is that many small business people are not as determined when they are their own boss as when they work for someone else. The reason may be because when they work for someone else they know they have to finish the task in “2 hours,” or else they may lose the job.

    Put that urgency into your own Internet business. Approach each task as if your “job” depends on it. After all, it’s your own Internet business success that depends on it, therefore whether or not you can feed your family.

    That said, you may wanna see your better half as being your boss while you’re looking at that monitor… ;-)


  12. Natan says:

    I had a chat with a buddy of mine who does SEO for a living. We came to the conclusion that a lot of the off-page methods that used to work so well aren’t quite as a effective as they used to be, due largely to the sheer volume of blogs circulation the net nowadays, not to mention spammers. The key to success is forming relationships with other bloggers, networking with them and simply through providing value to others.It’ll always be about the reader and the hardest thing for a marketer to accomplish is learning how to leverage themselves to benefit and serve others, not the other way around.

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