Do you have an AWeber list? Or are you about to transfer a verified list from “XYZ” to AWeber? If so, then you’ve probably been told by AWeber that you cannot simply transfer your double opt-in list to AWeber without asking them to re-subscribe (i.e., re-confirm their subscription.)

This is kind of strange considering they already subscribed per double opt-in long time ago. Not until now, because I know The Secret…

Note: I’m not talking about a list of leads you bought from somewhere, nor about those co-registration services nor anything like that. What I mean is a list of subscribers who previously confirmed their subscription per double opt-in, hence the terms RE-confirmation or RE-verification.

Do you want to know how to transfer your list into AWeber without losing a single subscriber? Do you know what it means losing half (or more!) of your entire list, which will happen when you don’t know the secret technique?

I know the secret step-by-step plan.

If you don’t know what AWeber and “the power is in the list” means, then this offer is not for you. If you do know what it means and are about to transfer a list to AWeber, then order the Secret for $100 here…

You’ll get the exact step-by-step plan on how to transfer your list of subscribers (no matter whether you have a couple hundreds or tens of thousands) from wherever they are to the highly reliable service called AWeber.

Also, in case you think to know the secret, just one tiny step done wrong and the entire plan is worthless. In other words, follow each and every step of my plan and you will succeed. :-)

I’ll have to go now to get my Costa Rican driver license. (That’s another secret!) Once we are back I or my assistant will send you my step-by-step plan to your PayPal e-mail address.

By the way, just recently I gave this secret plan to Tom “Big Al” Schreiter. Yes, that Tom of fame. He confirmed the successful transfer. Don’t know how many subscribers he has, though he told me that once he followed my plan, AWeber finally allowed him to transfer 2,000 addresses per day. So I assume his list has a size of tens of thousands.

Talk to you soon!

—Marcus Hochstadt

P.S. Just in case you don’t know what AWeber or how powerful it is, visit for a quick test drive.

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23 Responses to AWeber Secret

  1. Joseph Quinn says:

    Now I see a part that must be recent I remember resubscribing to Tom Big Al Schrieter Fortunenow’s newsletter. Since I was on the freebie list, i guess his paid list was used or those who did not resubscribe on request?

  2. Hi Joseph,

    Once Tom happily told me AWeber now allows him to import his entire list, I haven’t received any confirmation request from AWeber whatsoever.

    It could be though that Tom did start to import a couple thousand subscribers (the hurtful official AWeber way) before he received the steps from me.

  3. janet says:

    FYI, the Costa Rican license you get will be worthless with law officials there. IDPs are only valid alongside your regular residential license.

    I hope your other secret is more accurate.

  4. John says:

    Aweber states all imports require confirmation.

    How do we know this is real — not just another
    internet scam?

    Don’t just say “Trust me.”

  5. Hey janet, now that’s quite funny. Don’t know what exactly you’re talking about, though I could see with my own eyes that it works.

    Looks like you haven’t even tried it yet, have you? :-)

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  7. Steve says:


    I just came across your blog through google. Your aweber secret sounds interesting, but I’m more interested with my assumption that you live here in Costa Rica as well. I live in San Jose, what part of the country are you in? Drop me an email, it’d be cool to know some local internet marketers. Pura Vida!

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  11. Deborah says:

    Thanks for submitting this to the blog carnival at The Rhythm of Write! Good luck!


  12. aweber isn’t the only list management service that does this either and I guess who can blame them? They need to know that your list is approved but there should be a better way around it – without having to pay $100 to find out the secret.

  13. Jenny says:

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  15. Carol says:

    Hey Marcus — This sounds great. Will this work with a single optin list from Getresponse to Aweber? Is it still available? Have other people used it? Do you guarantee it? THANKS!

  16. I start to learn about email list, and found this blog. Will explore many resource to learn here. your blog is awesome. hope can take more basic knowledge about online business here :) thanks Marcus.

  17. Jess SEO says:

    I want to know if that list is still available..please send a response, thanks for the time and for the post!

  18. Bruce says:


    I have a single opt in list in 1ShoppingCart. Will your Aweber Secret work for a single opt in list too?

    Please let me know, because if so, I’ll happily buy your product…



  19. Richard says:

    I didn’t like the AWeber for that reason. But since you have shared the secret, I think its time to give it a try. Thanks for the idea.

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