When my wife and yours truly got to know each other on the Internet in 2006, I spontaneously invited her to come to Germany. (I paid the flight and all, of course.) It was her first time ever traveling by airplane and to another country.

Until the very last minute before the flight, her entire family tried to convince her she would be stupid traveling to me. They tried everything to hold her back from her plans, confidently screaming at her she would end up in prostitution if she would go to Germany.

Instead of listening to others she listened to her own heart, traveled to Germany, and today we are happily married.

When I saw James’ offer of $3,000 three months ago for spending an entire day with him in Costa Rica, I could have asked other people what I should do about it… They could have told me how stupid I would be paying $3,000 to a stranger I never had personal contact with. If I would be that kind of a person who let other people take lead of my own life, I probably would not sit in Costa Rica right now and would not have had lunch with James Brausch today once again, letting me in on a lot more Internet business secrets.

Though, because I principally listen to my own heart (instead of that of others,) the decision to pay the $3,000 (plus another $3,000 for tickets & hotel, plus another $2,000 for camcorder, mic, meal, tours, etc etc.), this decision took me five seconds max.

Oh boy, am I glad I did! Furthermore, from this visit, I already received a lot more than expected. We even extended out trip to stay one more week!

Now, take a look at a couple recent comments here on my blog. Most are positive and exciting, a couple of the more recent ones are skeptic, even childish.

I don’t care about the latter.

Sure, there exist folks that think it would be a smart idea to ask AWeber whether it would be possible importing a list without re-verification. Sure enough, they are going to tell you that it is NOT possible no matter what. They have good reasons for behaving this way in an official environment.

Strangely though, I did it myself twice already, and once together with Tom Schreiter (ask him if you dare,) although AWeber officially claims it would not work whatsoever. Funny, isn’t it? :-)

If you think you are better off asking for an official statement rather than following my proven step-by-step plan, well, your choice not mine.

Perhaps you even think it would be a good idea to give them the URL of my blog, stating Marcus Hochstadt said it would work so why the heck do they say it doesn’t. (Is there such a statement in my step-by-step plan? Not that I know of…)

Geez… some folks just crack me up! Some think they would be smarter than those showing you how something works.

Again, either you want to fail in life or you want to succeed.

Your choice.

Wanna know how to fail? Listen to those people who tell you that something would not work. It’s a great way of forming a clique full of guess work and failures.

Wanna succeed? Follow a proven plan, step-by-step, of those that walk the talk and show you how something works.

It’s up to you. :-)

—Marcus Hochstadt

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5 Responses to Is It For Real?

  1. Hi Marcus,
    What a great story of following your heart and listening to your intuition. I love it. Sometimes people can become so paralyzed by fear that they neglect to live life fully.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful reminder of how we must follow our instincts and fly. :D

  2. I believe you.

    You’re lucky that your wife chose not to believe all the negativity people like to feed others.

  3. Mirjam says:

    Very very inspiring and so true, thank you for sharing. It is so important to follow your heart, and as for the cynics… we all get what we believe in… being it negative or positive ;)

  4. lankapo says:

    I am more interested on your love life :)
    When do you deceide that she was the one? Where is she from?

    I met my wife thru internet too, a spam email sent to my wife.My YM status online and she clicked me.

  5. Thanks much for your nice comments. Much appreciated.

    I failed many times if you so will. However, I learned from the “feedback” and therefore succeeded more times than I failed. This is the key for a first class progress.

    Listen to what your heart and intention tells you. It’s your personal guidance system.

    And lankapo, if you so will that decision was when I “agreed” to marry her. She spent three months in Germany, but already after 2-3 weeks she was “ready.” (“Why waiting so long; why not marry now?!”)

    I needed seven more months before I felt the “yes,” but still it was quite fast, I think… ;-)

    And Edilene, my wife, she is an original Carioca (i.e., from Rio de Janeiro.)

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