Just a quick note that I’m at the finishing touches of the winner post. It shall be live in a couple hours, perhaps earlier.

My stomach is better today. My wife feels a bit better too, although she was diagnosed with a rising “vascular cerebral accident,” and therefore has to take good care of what she eats and does during the day now, otherwise…

Another thing that happened is my PC does not start anymore. *grrr* (Am writing with my Laptop right now, which is as well not that reliable anymore.) I build PCs on my own. Unfortunately though, the options here in Natal are VERY limited. So either I will build or buy a new one, or I find out what the cause is (someday…)

Either way, check back soon to see what you won! :-)

—Marcus Hochstadt

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7 Responses to Back Again

  1. iris says:


    Glad your both alright now!

    Can’t wait to see the winners. Good luck everyone :D

  2. amy lilley says:

    good to know that you’re both doing better…tell your wife to stick w/ it…the ‘careful’ way of eating…I have stomach issues, and it makes all the difference…it’s a way of life!!!

    Me too, can’t wait to see the winners!!!!

  3. TeasasTips says:

    I hope your wife gets better. I’m sure she’ll do well on her new diet. And you I know you are a fighter, and your stomach will be just fine. Take care Marcus!

  4. The Aries says:

    Thanks to advertise in my blog
    I subscribe your blog also, hope you 2 :)

    Success for you

  5. Thank you all for your encouragement and wishes; much appreciated.

    We’ll give our best. :-)


  6. Hey, good to know that you are alright and glad that you are back now. What happened to your PC , maybe I can help on troubleshooting them, anyway I excited to check the winners.

  7. Gino says:

    Yeah yeah tell it to the
    judge! Kidding aside, I think you might want to switch to tablets or that one
    from Samsung, the Galaxy Note. I think it depicts your personality and you’d
    keep those problems at bay.


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