Just a quick update for you all to know what’s going on.

First, we went to the hospital because my wife’s left body side fell asleep a bit (hope that’s the correct description.) She feels better now but still needs to visit another doctor tomorrow.

Then I obviously ate something that my stomach does not like. It’s rebelling for hours, constantly pulling me away from the computer, although I really need to finish the “Winner Post” so you all know who won what.

Sorry to say but my head starts to agree… It’s better I stay in bed for now, rather than trying to fool my body and dancing around like a victim. So…

Please bear with me… It’s not an easy task, but I’ll finish the “Winner Post” as soon as I can my stomach allows me to.


—Marcus Hochstadt


34 Responses to Winners?

  1. Marcus,
    Sending you and your wife my best. Hope you both feel better soon.


  2. Ouch … -_-

    Ouch! Ouch! O_O

    Double Ouch!

    Get well soon, both of ya. ;)

    Contest winning post can wait. :D

  3. manilenya says:

    Oh! forget the winner post, you get well soon guys! Your health is most important than anything else.

  4. Sherry says:

    take your time, health is more important.

  5. Ederic says:

    Get well soon to both of you. :)

  6. danandmarsh says:

    Not a problem, hope as is well with the wife and your tummy quits acting up and you get to feeling better! Thanks for letting us know!! rest!

  7. scorilo says:

    man …that’s a drag off sort of thing …
    hope you get well soon and make that prizes rain on all of us

  8. iris says:

    Winners can wait and won’t run anywhere.

    In sickness and in health LOL! Get well soon for both you and your wife :D

  9. I hope both you and your wife are soon feeling a lot better.

    Curiously, that this should happen to you – a marketer I respect as a professional – is kind of reassuring in that sometimes life just conspires against us, no matter who we are or how important our work!

    Take it easy, get better soon. RR ;-)

  10. Pat King says:

    Feel better my friend. It doesn’t sound nice…… :(

  11. I’m glad to see you taking the time off for both of you to heal. Waiting a few days to find out if we won a prize is absolutely no problem at all. Get well. Both of you.

  12. Marty says:

    No worries Marcus. I hope both you and your wife feel better soon.

  13. Mert Erkal says:

    Your health is much more important than this post. I hope you and your wife get better soon. Enjoy the weekend!

  14. Michelle says:

    Take care of yourself and your wife – family is more important than blogging!

  15. Rose says:

    Hope you both feel better soon. The blog can wait, your health can’t.
    NOTHING is worse than having a stomach virus!

  16. Mark says:

    Get well soon and take it easy regards Mark Worldwide travel blog.

  17. Louie says:

    Get well soon Marcus. Regards to your wife hope she gets well too.

  18. Mirjam says:

    Hope you are both feeling better soon, best wished and take good care!

  19. Wow, thank you guys ‘n girls!

    Am slowly getting back. Still stumbling around like a hypnotized German shepherd…

    Hopefully, the tons of prizes you guys are going to receive will be a nice compensation for the waiting time…


  20. Canucklehead says:

    I’m sorry – I have to disagree. Get your sick ass back here now and let me know what wonderful prize(s) I have won!!! Oh, and I guess I have to give someone 1000ECs as well – nevermind, take your time.

    ?kidding – get well soon.

  21. CyberCelt says:

    Oh, Marcus, take care of yourself and your wife. Angels all around you.

  22. fool says:

    Just get well

  23. Take your time, I am sure no one will mind.
    Health comes first, and I hope you both are feeling better soon.

    Maybe a nice relaxing weekend will do the trick. :)
    Hope you have a good weekend!

  24. Hey Marcus, I hope you and your wife are doing better! (?) (and I hope you’re not saying that she had a stroke).

  25. Shelia says:

    Ohhhhh, I’m sorry that the two of you are feeling poorly. I hope that you’re both feeling better soon.

    Get plenty of rest, all of this stuff will be here when you get back. :D

  26. No problem here, Marcus. Take care of your wife as well as your self. It’s the reason why we are working hard.

    Hope you two get well soon.

    My prize can wait…lol!

  27. Ronald says:

    Marcus I odered your DVD and You shipped the wrong one… What is your contact email?

  28. Oh no… Get well soon alright? Though I’m excited to hear who the winners are but your family’s health is more important! :)

  29. Lightening says:

    Sorry to hear about the illnesses and hope you’re both 100% really soon!!!!! :(

  30. amy lilley says:

    winner/schwinner…not important in the big scheme of things..take good care of yourself and your family…


  31. Anthony says:

    Hope you and your wife get well soon.

  32. Charlotte says:

    I hope you and the wife are much better now. Thank you again for the contest.

  33. Thank you all, I’m impressed! You are really good people. And…

    Most of you already know it but for those who don’t, here’s the loooong list of winners…



  34. Thank You says:

    […] received a lot of comments and e-mails asking how my wife is doing after I reported her weakness. She is doing comparably fine. Thank you very much for your sympathies. It is much […]

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