Today’s SundayTV show features Steve Jobs, CEO and co-founder of Apple Computers, and his fabulous 2005 Stanford University speech. In plainspoken terms, his address struck a balance between the obstacles he has encountered during his notably public life and the lessons he has gleaned.

Entertainingly, he was wearing sandals and jeans under his black robe, which gave his speech a somewhat witty touch.

Wow, I get the creeps each time I watch it…

There’s more info about Steve Jobs’ speech at the Stanford University Web site. Enjoy!

—Marcus Hochstadt

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5 Responses to SundayTV

  1. geld lenen says:

    I must say, impressive speech. A bit old already but good to see once :) the most recent interviews and speeches pass by thanks to Google Alerts but still some good lessons to learn from this one.

    Thnx 4 the share :)

  2. unnikuttan says:

    after the big apple stock crisis some weeks ago, the stock is moving towards its top listings of the last year. Steve Jobs is a cool manager who creates added value.

  3. The Aries says:

    I think Steve Jobs is a cool guy :) even sometimes he run his business with unusual, but maybe with this unusual he success :)
    Anyway your blog and contents so nice. I will subscribe you :)

    Success for you

  4. This was indeed a impressive speech, also one of the first I’ve seen by Steve. Too bad he’s going to leave Apple now.

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