I received a lot of comments and e-mails asking how my wife is doing after I reported her weakness. She is doing comparably fine. Thank you very much for your sympathies. It is much appreciated.

Right now, she is spending the second of two weeks in Rio de Janeiro together with her family and friends (she has hundreds of them, I’m telling you!). Yes, I’m “alone” at the moment. And although she would have had an examination this week (here in Natal,) we both figured it would be better she visits them and has a lot of fun instead of the examination.

This might be contrary to other people’s belief, and Edilene herself was and still is concerned about this, but the more I apply the principles of The Law of Attraction to my life the more I understand what we should let in to our life and on what to put our attention to. To choose and do only what serves us well.

Again, she has a lot of fun there at the moment. And she had the opportunity to attend two spiritual celebrations which are unavailable here in Natal and which here family attends regularly.

She is attracted to two religions if you so will: Catholicism and a particular religion that (I believe) has its sources in Salvador, Bahia and is fairly strongly present in Brazil. Basically, such a “celebration” takes place in that a group of people meet each other. While they make music and sing and dance, they call certain spirits. These spirits appear in that they move into the physical bodies of some of the participants (really!) After this dancing, they start to eat and enjoy each other, while the spirits are still in the other people’s physical bodies. Visually, you can see it in that they appear and behave totally different, according to the spirit’s particular behavior, customs, and wishes to express him-/herself.

So, she’s doing fine at the moment and is supposed to come back this Saturday.

Again, thank you very much for your sympathies.

Have a wonderful week everyone.

—Marcus Hochstadt

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9 Responses to Thank You

  1. That is good to hear, Marcus.

  2. shaxx says:

    That is definitely a good news!

  3. Glad to hear it Marcus. A nice vacation always lifts a persons spirits and that in itself can aid one’s recovery.

  4. amy lilley says:

    Glad to hear that she’s doing so well…Rio is a far cry from Providence, RI….sounds good to me!!!

  5. That’s wonderful to hear, Marcus. There are times we really need to rest and go far away from pressure.

    Anyway, just to inform you that my interview prize I won from your contest may be posted some time next week.

    I already returned to Alexys of Soul Meets World the questions he send me, of course with the answers.


  6. Shelia says:

    Hi Marcus!

    I’m glad to hear this positive news also, and that both of you are better.

    I definitely subscribe to the philosophy of the soul. There’s a lot more to healing than medicine. She did the right thing!

    A healthy spirit will render a much healthier body.

  7. I haven’t heard about it yet :( Guess power dropping was bad sometimes lol it puts you into full ignorance on what’s going on

    Glad to hear she’s recovering though

  8. Gary Evans says:

    Hi Marcus,

    Great news about Edilene. Thank you for keeping us updated.

    Sending you both some good vibes from over here in the UK!


  9. Thank you very much, Stephan, shaxx, BMTM, Amy, Angel, Shelia, Michael, and Gary. Your sympathies help.


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