Yesterday was the third interview day with my Mentor, James Brausch. He geniously agreed and offered a second and a third day with him, which I’m endlessly grateful for.

Interviewing James Brausch
“Dude, either you drink that cocktail now or I do…”

We were in wonderful Xandari Resort & Spa and had a great time there. Xandari is a luxurious hotel with a spa center, located in the central valley of Costa Rica. It is very beautiful with lots of flowers, trees, and has a very friendly staff, always with a smile on their face and very helpful & supportive.

In this and the last week I really got James to work 10+ hours. (He usually works only 3 hours/week.)

If you know James you know that he lives his life on his own rules. He is the one who decides what to do and who to meet when. So why and how did I get him work more than 3 hours? What did I do to get him in front of my camcorder three times? What was the reason?

Giving value to his business

The goal of an interview is giving value to all three… your audience, you, and the person you interview.

Some folks are tempted to think of their own advantages whereas, optimally, a good interview ends in a win-win-win situation.

The Xandari Restaurant
“That lunch was excellent, like sheeeeeee’s…”

For now though, I have been put to work. There are 10+ videos that I have to get out, which I’ll do withing the next days and weeks. (Geez, if the Internet connection at our location would not be so awfully slow…) Here are a couple topics we covered in great detail in those three interview days…

  • Building an Internet business from scratch (and how to make the first $1,000 within 24 hours)
  • Step-by-step plan on how to create a product, which product, to which price, ways to overcome “product creation blocks,” etc etc
  • Blogging essentials and how to start one
  • Internet business optimization and how to increase traffic, reader interaction, income, word-of-mouth, etc
  • Outsourcing secrets and an exact step-by-step plan on how to find top contractors, the top 3 sites, which text to use, etc
  • Top tips on traffic generation (incl. step-by-step plan when starting from scratch)
  • Article marketing (and what most people do wrong)
  • List building and ways to increase your list (and his take on RSS and Feedburner)
  • Affiliate Marketing and Google AdSense, the biggest mistakes people make, how to approach it properly, and his biggest successes
  • When James started his Mentoring program (and when & how to start one)
  • And much, much, much more…

And there was a chance of asking him the questions some of you, my precious blog readers submitted. (Was literally in the very last minute.)

Again, I’m going to post the answers to these question as a password protected post soon. To receive the password to that post and therefore the answers, you’ll need to sign up to the blog announcement list. The sign-up form to that list is located right below my image, in the upper right hand corner. (If you tried it before and it didn’t work, please try again. It is solved now and shall work again.)

Alrighty, off to some production (and lots of other) work… Very exciting times are coming! :-)

—Marcus Hochstadt

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  1. Sounds like some educational filled days. Do you live in Costa Rica? If so, what part?

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