It’s happening again; this time a bit more obvious though.

A few days ago, I reported that my Internet business blog cracked the Alexa Top 100,000 Rank. To my surprise, these days I surpassed my Mentor’s Alexa Rank…

Marcus surpassing James

Can you do me a favor? Would you please download & install the Alexa Toolbar (or the SearchStatus add-on if you’re using the Firefox browser,) and then visit his Internet business blog so we get his Alexa ranking above my own again, where it should be…

Not only for that, his blog is also a must read & bookmark since he offers top notch advice & tutorials on how to build a thriving Internet business.

Thank you very much! Really appreciate it.

—Marcus Hochstadt

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8 Responses to Internet Business Blog James Brausch

  1. Crystal says:

    I’m using it right now. But wow, that’s really impressive! Mine has been hovering around 300k *sigh*

  2. Simonne says:

    If we are to believe the saying that disciples should exceed their masters’ performance, I would say you are on the right track. I visited your mentor’s blog (with the Alexa bar installed) ;)

  3. Christian says:

    Well, I guess I should say congratulations. I’m stuck at about 490k :/. I will visit his site with Alexa!


  4. Thank you all, and thanks for visiting. :-)

  5. Mike Huang says:

    Your mentor is running things the LEGIT way while you are using Entrecard to do almost all of the work. I’m not trying to bash on you or anything, so please don’t take this offensive. Your blog provides great content, but Entrecard is going to make Alexa drop to being worthless. Just take a look at the “POPULAR” blogs on Entrecard and then check the BACKLINKS and TIME ONLINE, rather than the Alexa. High Alexa usually means the site has a very high count on backlinks, but not anymore…

    I’m just saying your mentor used old fashion techniques to get up there.


    p.s. Use to check all the stats of the “popular” blogs

  6. Mike Huang says:

    Oh I forgot to add, your mentor’s blog has 3,800 backlinks, which is the main thing to continuous success without need of much work because search engines or any type of searches will find him faster as his links grow. I’m not trying to brag, but my blog is fairly new too and I do use Entrecard, but I don’t depend on it. I have over 28,000 links (you have 1,400+) over the net, but my Alexa will definitely lose against you.


  7. Mike Huang says:

    I may have been right Mr. Hochstadt ;) But I didn’t predict that the Alexa ranks would change like this…


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