Remember I gave a free video site review to Fitz Villafuerte worth $700? Jason from asked me whether I would sponsor a prize for his upcoming “Ultimate Blog Contest.” I happily agreed.

Now is the kick off of the contest. What can you win?

Grand prizes worth $2,400+, including a video site review from me, again, worth $700.

So head over to his blog, read the rules, enter the contest, and you may end up winning my video site review, which will surely boost your Internet business. :-)

—Marcus Hochstadt

4 Responses to The University Kid — Blog Contest

  1. Mirjam says:

    Who could easily forget that great prize you gave away?! I am definately going to enter, maybe even post on my blog about the contest to get more points, … a second shot at your video review, Great!!

  2. Hey dear I have commented earlier on but not sure you will be capable to see or not.I will enter the contest,its a great gambling.May I ask you again if you can help me to tell how to increase alexa rank.For this kindly visit my site and possibly make a review of mine and tell me what have to do.I know you have achieve great success in fewer days.

  3. Good luck, Mirjam! :-)

    And Manas, stay tuned as I’ll provide more tutorials in the near future here on my blog.

  4. David says:

    I wish there will be more blog contests like this. I’d love to share blogs and I’m very proud of it. By the way, who won this contest?

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