It’s been quite a while the last time I was active within the huge Entrecard community. And I feel it’s time to connect with you all again.

To those who don’t know me or remember me dimly, my blog was the most popular among tens of thousands of blogs/websites in Entrecard a number of times. It was always a blast, and I connected with some great people.

Also, here’s how I reached Alexa Top 100,000 In 66 Days, and here’s the world’s most popular (& still unique) Entrecard Contest I ran with very good friends — with outrageous prices worth more than $7,000 PLUS 66,666 EC a.k.a. Entrecard Credits (sorry, contest is already closed ;-), and then the crazed Winner Party where everyone celebrated fanatically. :-)

Although some things have changed over time, I still consider Entrecard to be a great place for getting targeted traffic to your site and, more importantly, to connect with outstanding individuals all the while having a wonderful time.

So again, welcome back y’all, and let’s have some fun again! :-)


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8 Responses to Welcome Back, Entrecard Friends! :-)

  1. Hey dude – nice to see you!

  2. I never knew you left Entrecard, but glad to have you back. was hoping to sign up for the  free video but had a message  that said I was already signed up for it. Will check  with you later to see  what I can do. Thanks so much!! jj

    • Hey JJ!

      You know what, I never left Entrecard. I was just pretty much inactive and at the very bottom of all. LOL

      As for the free videos, please check your inbox. I’d sent the download link to my subscribers as well (on May 28).

  3. reyah says:

    Yes i did remember you, i used to drop ec here before. Wellcome back!

  4. Henry says:

    Oh it’s a shame that Entrecard doesn’t support WordPress!

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