It’s The Party Contest!

It's The Party Contest!

Yesterday shall have been the day for my blog to break Alexa’s Top 50,000 rank, if… yeah, if Alexa wouldn’t have changed its ranking algorithm! LOL

While I was eagerly checking and waiting for my blog to break Alexa’s 50,000 mark (so I can celebrate this with you,) I found out Alexa just changed its Ranking algorithm (04/16/2008)…

My blog’s Alexa Rank now dropped from 51,059 down to 174,666!

That means, NO ranking report, NO “showing off” of Alexa’s formerly sky-rocking ranking graph, NO big numbers—nada of these—and therefore NO “Alexa Top 50,000 In 107 Days” title – BUT…

We will simply change the tag and party anyway! :-D

(Business Lesson: Never ever be dependent on any 3rd party resource!)

You probably remember the astonishing party I held when my blog broke Alexa’s old 100,000 mark? OK, as a reminder…

Now, because of the Alexa thing, now it is…

The Party Contest!

I invited a select few Top Entrecarders and Internet Entrepreneurs to join our one-of-a-kind Party Contest and celebrate together that it is indeed possible to catapult from no man’s land to popularity in 107 days!

Without further ado, let’s get to the “Party Contest Meat”—or in other words, what YOU can WIN at this Party Contest!

NOTE: This is none of those Internet Marketing niche contests… The Party Contest features prizes from a broad range of industries and categories. Meaning, there is something for EVERYONE:

Men’s Interest, Women’s Interest, Sports, Internet Marketing, Make Money Online, Technology, Hobbies, Marketing, Self Improvement, Computers and Internet, Art, Environment, Finance and Investing, Web Development, News and Media, Entertainment, Graphic Design, Religion and Spirituality, Blogging Resources, Parenting and Family, Technology, Mixed Bag, Home and Garden, Health and Medicine, Trends, Personal Diary, and Writing and Literature!

Now, take a look at these amazing and unbelievable contributions… the Who’s Who of Entrecard and other friends of mine:

Consultations, Products & Services

Ad Space

  • KiwiPulse from KiwiPulse gives 3 x 125×125 top ad space for one month worth $15 each = $45
  • Deimos Tel´Arin from gives a 468×60 top ad banner box for one month worth $36
  • Anna from My Cornerstone Trio gives a 125×125 top ad space for one month worth $35
  • Turnip from Turnip of Power gives a 125×125 top ad space for one month worth $35
  • Wayne from Ez DIY Electricity gives a top ad space (125×125 or 468×60) for one month worth up to $30
  • Caleb Hartley from environmentastic! gives a 125×125 top ad space for one month worth $25
  • Kathleen from Entrepreneurs Only gives a 125×125 top ad space for one month worth $25
  • Marty from Money Maker Times gives a 125×125 top ad space for one month worth $25
  • Constantin Codreanu from INconstantIN gives a 125×125 top ad space for one month worth $15
  • Mirjam from Me Myself and I gives a 125×125 top ad space for one month worth $10
  • Lee Doyle from Lee Doyle – Contains Nuts gives a 125×125 top ad space for one month worth $10

Entrecard Credits

Phew! Wanna count? OK, I made it easy for you…

These are contributions for 200+ winners (!) with a monetary value of more than $7,000+ (!!) and exactly 66,666ec (“ec” = Entrecard Credits)!!! This is by far the BIGGEST Party Contest in Entrecard’s History!

What? How you can win? I’m glad you asked… ;-)

Here is how to enter the party contest and belong to the lucky winners…

  1. Subscribe to the Blog Announcement List (see the sign-up field in the top right hand corner of this page, right below my image? Yup, there it is.) Not only does it bring you 2 points but I may send you a cool gift when you do :-) – 2 Points
  2. Post a comment to this blog post – 1 Point (one point per person)
  3. Stumble and digg about this contest and fav me on Technorati – 1 Point respectively
  4. Use the below party contest image(s) on your site (linking to this party contest) – 2 Points
  5. Write about this blog and this Party Contest on your blog, linking to both this blog and the Party Contest. Use your own wording, one that fits to your audience. (It shall be easy because the above prizes fit to ALL audiences!) – 10 Points
  6. Write about this blog and this contest on your blog, AND link to ALL contributors (just like you see my list above including all the prizes) – 30 Points
  7. *PSSST* When you write about this contest on your blog it may be a good idea you indicate which of the above prizes you would like to win most. Perhaps Santa is listening and your wish comes true, who knows… ;-)

Hint: Use the same e-mail address and Web site’s URL when performing the above contest actions. That way, I will be able to track your entries. ;-)

NOTE: I changed the point structure slightly because it turned out to be a bit unfairly weighted. Hopefully it is fair now so more people can win something. And I now give 2 points when using the party contest image below.

The more points you accumulate the higher your chances to win one of the BIG prizes worth up to $357 per single prize! And yes, all above sponsors are entitled to enter the contest, too! :-)

Wanna use the party contest image on your site? Here are three versions to choose from…

The Party Contest!

The Party Contest!

The Party Contest!

Now let’s party!

Draw of the winners will be held on MAY 1st!

—Marcus Hochstadt

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174 Responses to It’s The Party Contest!

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  2. Suzanne says:

    Great party. Just posted about it and linked to all the contributors, so count me in.

  3. What an amazing networking achievement. Congrats Marcus!

    You’ve set the standard really high for your next Alexa ranking party though :-)

  4. Pat King says:

    Now that’s what I call a party!!!! WOOOHOOOOOO!!!! :)

  5. Wow, that is a lot of prizes! You’ve been very busy. I’ve already done the write-up and will keep promoting it. Great job!

    I’m giving away some bonus prizes in conjunction to encourage people even further to enter and link to all. Like they really needed more incentive :). But they’ve got to let me know they used the link to all option by commenting on my blog.

    Hope that’s OK. If not, well then, just edit this comment.

  6. iris says:

    Yeehah! The Party is on and nothing can stop it!

    This is really great, crazy as can be. I will be posting about this so that other bloggers can join in and maybe get lucky and win the big prices.

    Congratulation Marcus!

  7. Kelly says:

    WOW! What an amazing list! Tomorrow’s post on my site (18 Apr) will be about your party. Woo hoo!

  8. Hi Marcus,
    I have my party hat, balloons, streamers and lots of confetti.

    Even though Alexa may have temporarily disappointed you, your enthusiasm hasn’t let anyone down and that’s the true spirit of living.

    We came to party and we shall party!

    Btw, if you send me your Technorati link, I will fave you.

  9. Rachel says:

    When it’s time to party, party hard! Bring on the cash prizes, entre credits, and the booze. Oh wait is booze a prize?


  10. lol I see that the stupid Alexa changes does not affect your contest :D Nice

  11. Awesome!

    I am one of the sponsors, I can enter too? :D

    1 May 2008 is the dead line? Today is 18 April 2008, 12 more days to go!

  12. blogzilla says:

    Very cool Marcus the man and in my eyes you’re ranked 42,978!

    It’s the all new FrankJ aka blogzilla Ranking system.

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  14. dai says:

    I can not wait to win the prizes!
    Either Blog review or hoppin prize will be ok.

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  16. Richard says:

    Hey fantastic contest! Do we get extra entries for putting your banners up on our site? I think you should!!

  17. Richard says:

    Oh ya, I subscribed and saved you as a fave on technorati!

  18. Turnip says:

    Sign Me Up! I’d love one of these hot prizes.

  19. Count me in. Will make a post as well as a comment. Better luck with your Alexa stats…

  20. indocontest says:

    im in for the party!!
    already subscribed be4.
    stumble and digg the post
    fave you at technorati
    blogged at :

  21. Tim says:

    Hey Marcus,

    Just blogged about your contest here:

    Posted all links, plus 1 for comment, and I stumbled, dugg, and Faved you (All under Yimto username)

    So… Looks like I’m in for 34 entries :P

    Great job putting together the contest, it looks great; and thanks for inviting me to sponsor!

  22. IMW says: Party Contest – – Too good to miss…

    Marcus of is Hosting a Big, Big Party and you are invited to join.Isamansworld is one of the contributor. This is a one of a kind Party that is too good to miss and not an ordinary Cont……

  23. Lightening says:

    Hi Marcus,
    Congratulations on pulling together a great list of prizes and thanks for the opportunity to take part. :)

    I have posted about your contest with the list of all prizes and sponsors here:

    Plus given you a stumble.

    I can’t quite figure out how to subscribe to your email list – don’t know what’s wrong with me but I can’t click on that box????

    I hope it all goes well for you. :)

    Kind Regards,

  24. Mike Huang says:

    If it is not too late, I’ll throw in a 125×125 ad spot for a month and 1,000EC :)

    Great contest BTW


  25. i only can post a comment and submit your RSS feed. i don’t have stumble, technorati, digg and more.

  26. shaxx says:

    Wow! This is one of the biggest party that I have ever encountered! So here is a comment for you! All the best!!!

  27. shaxx says:

    Opps! forgot to mention that I have stumbled this entry too :)

  28. joanjoyce says:

    Goodluck and Congrats Marcus ;)

  29. Louie says:

    Yeahhh!! That’s what I call a party!!! I’m getting the beer from Site Hoppin! :D Max???

  30. ~Kat~ says:

    Great contest!
    I have subscribed, stumbled and dugg. This is my comment and I have posted about the contest with all the links here:

    I think that ads up to 34 points! Yea!
    I really hope I win something!

  31. INconstantIN says:

    Great party, Marcus! Hope everyone enjoys it!!!

  32. mikey777 says:

    Well, I have to say this is the absolute BEST contest I’ve seen yet. I saw wayyy up there that somebody donated 14k EC’s. I’d go through 4 mice before I earned that many. I don’t know how you guys do it, but I’m glad you do :)

  33. Nartono says:

    Don’t ever stop this Great contest. Must be chance from better to be better again.

  34. Nartono says:

    Don’t ever stop this Great contest. Must be chance from better to be more better again.

  35. Kent says:


    Great contest! I subscribed and wrote about the contest with the full list of sponsors and prizes at



  36. Whoo hoo! *throw confetti around* let’s party and all the best to all contestants! :)

  37. […] Also today would have been the day that Marcus Hochstadt’s Blog broke the Alexa 50,000 barrier. He was going to hold a contest to celebrate the occasion. Well, the contest is still on. […]

  38. amy lilley says:

    very impressive achievement…continued success..I’m in!

  39. […] in the biggest contest ever! Marcus over at is taking it to the next level with his Party Contest. There are many ways to enter including writing about the contest and posting a listing of the […]

  40. Marty says:

    I’m in Marcus. Thank you for organizing this. It’s going to be huge!! I’ve just published a post to my blog promoting “The Party” and listing all the contributors links and the prizes being offered. Good luck to everyone.

  41. Canucklehead says:

    Well, put me down for 11 points my friend, one for this comment and ten for the posting link that will shortly follow. Great party – I brought the blender. Wait, who is that taking their clothes off over there ….

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  43. KCee says:

    Wow! Cool prizes! I already subscribed and faved you. Cheers! :)

  44. A terrific party contest so far!

    I listened to your comments and updated the point structure just a little bit so that more people can win something. And yes, when you use the party contest image on your site you’ll receive 2 Points for that! :-)

    @ Pat, awesome video! And this to 30 video sites? Hmm… an excellent idea! Now, does this entitle Pat to receiving extra points? Hmmm…

    Let’s Party! More ideas are welcome!

  45. Adam says:

    wowsa! sounds awesome count me in!

  46. I agree with Martin, this is quite a networking achievement, WTG Marcus! (hey, you left out points for tweeting about it ;) ).

    stumbled, twittered, & dugg!

  47. Fool says:

    I don’t want to sound selfish or anything but I want it all!

    How about an extra poit for peeps that sign up for contributor feeds?

  48. Matt Keegan says:

    What a smart contest. I hope that it brings you a lot of traffic and goodwill. I think you should be nominated for having the “contest of the year” or some award.

  49. Angie Hurst says:

    I’ve subscribed, stumbled, and dugg… I want prizes now!!! :-)

  50. Chelle says:

    I’m a sucker for contests, so of course I had to drop by and leave a comment here!

    I really like that you have prizes available that are not just blogger related!

  51. Sly says:

    Stumbled, dugg, added to technorati and put the picture on my site… I usually don’t do contests, but this is one seriously huge contest, so I’ll make an exception!

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  53. Melissa says:

    Awesome contest. I wrote about it and linked to everything over at my blog as well as adding the 125×125 ad. Thank you!

  54. […] What? How you can win? I’m glad you asked… […]

  55. Richard says:

    Great, I added your 125×125 ad on my blog. Will probably make a post about it in the future.

  56. wm francisco says:

    signed up, no blog, if i win i would like no blog related prize

  57. sksee82 says:

    Good luck Marcus!

    Btw an article about your contest is available on my blog.

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  59. Sheta says:

    Yep, I posted.

  60. Erz says:

    I’ve subscribed to your newsletter and blogged about your blog and contest with links to all your prizes and sponsors.

    Thanks for the great contest!

  61. Fit Links at The Fit Shack…

    Here are some interesting links for you to browse through either today or this weekend. I came across all of these posts (except for my reminder on A New Earth) after signing up for Entrecard, a service that definitely gets you out there in the blogosp…

  62. bonoriau says:

    I’m lucky my Alexa’s raking improve … but Your Contest is really fantastic. Join u lol!!!

  63. Dette says:

    Whoa – that is a HELLUVA party! Just subscribed and faved ya – and if you’d like another sponsor (for this or another party), holler at me. Would love to contribute.

    Party on!!

  64. Ederic says:

    Huge party, indeed. Let me join! :)

  65. Matt Keegan says:

    Okay, I’ve subscribed, I’ve stumbled (and left a review), faved you via Technorati, and I’ll see whatever else I can do. BTW, I really want the Porsche — can that be arranged?!

  66. Huge ranking party…I am blogging about it!

  67. banji says:

    You never know if you never try right?

    So here’s my entry :

    Subscribed, Commented, Stumbled and Dugg :) Hopefully I’ll win at least one

  68. Catherine says:

    I don’t normally ever enter blog giveaway competitions because the prizes don’t attract me that much (well, ok, money and ECs and adverts aren’t that undesirable). But when I saw on Aerten’s blog that one of the prizes was one of her artworks, I thought I’d try and raise a few points (via subscription and stumbling and Technorati at least)…

  69. I’v subscribed, blogged, commented, linked to the image, linked to the Hochstadt blog and party page, linked to sponsors…so that’s maybe 45 points if I ain’t wrong!

  70. borzack says:

    Glad to be able to contribute. Great party! Stumbled and blogged:

  71. krreyboo17 says:

    Congratulations on your party (whoopee!) contest! You have some big prizes from the big time bloggers right here! Subscribed to your awesome site! Hope I could win some of these prizes! Good luck to all of those who joined! Have a great week!

  72. […] Here’s the link to the Party Contest. […]

  73. Gary Evans says:

    Awesome party Marcus! Thanks for letting me be a part of it.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  74. Great idea — good luck with Alexa!

  75. I have Stumbled this post 1 point
    Linked to this post
    including all links, 60 points.
    Faved you on Technocrati 1 point.
    Comment 1 point
    Total 63 points by my guess

    Money is nice for me, second best would be free advertising.

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  77. Mert Erkal says:

    Let’s enjoy the party! I would like to win your DVDs Marcus. Don’t exaggerate Alexa ranking, it will improve sooner or later. You already won the game by organizing a blogging contest worth $7000. You rock my friend!


  78. Meredith says:

    Hey Marcus,
    You have done well, count me in…

  79. […] you’re interested in entering or learning more, head over to the contest page here or click the banner […]

  80. Ty Hurd says:

    Hey Marcus,

    Great party my man! Great work putting together so many premium prizes!

    I’ve stumbled, dugg, techno faved, used the banner image and posted with all the sponsors. It’s a great list of sponsors you have here and I’m only happy to help promote ’em all!

    Thanks again and if Santa’s listening, I need ec’s!!!! (beer stock would be nice too) ;-)

  81. Ty Hurd says:

    oh yeah, I also subscribed to your newsletter!

    Also, I’d be willing to donate a 125×125 ad spot for a month (worth $15) if you’d like – I’d love to get in on the action!


  82. Crystal says:

    Commented! Stumbled! Dugg! Added to Technorati!

  83. Richard says:

    So just to sum it up, I subscribed to your feed, added you to technorati faves, commented and now I posted about your contest on my blog. You can find the link here:

  84. […] Articles Recent Posts Recent Comments Overview Marcus is hosting a contest, more than USD 7,000.00 is to be be won and Deimos wants to win some of the Beer Stock Pages that […]

  85. danandmarsh says:

    Hi, I subscribed and confirmed by email,
    blogged with links to contest and homepage
    blogged with all sponsers
    added the party image,
    made this post,
    and you are faved already at technorati

  86. Cool contest. Just go ahead and send me all the big money prizes. j/k :) I stumbled, dugg, and wrote about the contest including listing the prizes.

  87. Simply amazing! Your blog contest is nuts! I’ll try to blog about it on my site and provide the link back. I already subscribed, dugg, and stumbled the contest.

  88. RollerKaty says:

    Party Time!!

    Subscribe (2) + Technorati Fav (1) + Stumble (1) + Party Contest Pic Posting (2) + Comment (1) = 7 Lucky Points!!!

    Should I be lucky enough to win, I’m particularly interested in Entrecard credits.


  89. Hi,

    I just made a post about this contest. I think I made them all correctly except for fave you becoz according to Technorati, I already reached the max. of 200.

    By the way, just to inform you that there are 2 blogs with dead link; Jason of University Kid and Borzack of Making Myself Extra Money. No matter how many times I click them, they’re still dead.

    Another thing, I think “Jonathan” is not the username of the owner of Archon Digital coz when I checked his About Me page, I did not see any name on it. I suppose you overlook it coz the name after him is Jonathon. Not sure though.

    But you have really an amazing contest. It’s worth joining.


  90. bunny says:

    I’ve subscribed (2 Points), posted a comment to the contest post (1 Point), stumbled with ID bunnybox9 (1 point) and faved on Technorati with ID bunnybox9 (1 Point), used the party contest image with link on my site (2 Points), wrote about the blog and the Party Contest on my blog, linking to both the blog and the Party Contest (10 Points) and wrote about the blog and the contest on my blog, AND link to ALL contributors (30 Points)! :)

    So, in total, I’ve 47 points! Thanks.

  91. Mia says:

    hi, could you check if the badge is right?


  92. Emma says:

    Just signed up for the announcement list

  93. TJS says:

    Hey great offer and prizes, i would love to participate!

  94. seo says:

    It is my birthday on May the second. If I win, that would be very handy and on time :)

  95. Mark says:

    Hi great looking contest you have set up here. I have faved you on technocrati link below. Put a banner on my blog with a link to this page and subscribed to the email above I think this gives me 6 points. I would love to win some EC credits or better stil free advertising for my site.

  96. hank says:

    stumbled and left reply here. :) Sign me up!

  97. Hi Marcus,

    I am the 101th commenter and I also joined in yesterday.

    Just here to say that the link of Jason of University Kid is still dead, while Borzack of Making Myself Extra Money is now live.

    Thank you.

  98. Let see if I can win something with just 1 point!

  99. Lee Doyle says:

    I just posted this on my blog
    Thanks for letting me be a part of this event!

    Good work! And good luck everyone!

  100. Lee Doyle says:

    WOW! $7,000, 66,666EC and Adspace Blog party!…

    How would you like to win $7K? How about thousands of EC Credits? No? Ok, how about some good adspace? Well here is your chance to win all of that and have some good old blogging fun while doing so! It wont cost you a thing and you get to have some fu…

  101. JMorris says:

    Now, that’s one way to make lemonade out of lemons! Great show Marcus. I’m sure this will be a lot of fun for everyone involved.

  102. Big online party in this corner of the universe at…

  103. cvrle77 says:

    Ok,here I am again. I’ve subscribed because I seen a good stuff,not just because for contest purposes(2), i’ve stumbled your page and review it,bookmarked at,Digged it(1?), blogged with all sponsors and place a banner on my site with link to this post (30)…I think I did it all :P You do the math! And btw redesign this “post your comment button” .Looks like 1 thing I’ve found that is not good :P

  104. Rajaram S says:

    Subscribed to your content!

  105. Debbie Lane says:

    this is one heck of a party! I am glad to be a part of it. I have posted about it, YEE HA!

  106. […] is a HUGE blog PARTY CONTEST being hosted at Internet Business Guide for First Class Progress (by Marcus Hochstadt). The list […]

  107. Lady Rose says:

    This is one BIG party! :)
    So far I’ve subscribed, added to technorati, leaving a comment and wrote about the contest and your blog (with a link) with the image (linked to contest) and included the list of links to all those providing a prize on TWO sites:
    and (included contest 125×125 in sidebar

    I will stumble (theladyrose) and digg (hopefully I’ll remember I think I can login) when I get home, can’t access those from work.

  108. Very very nice, just a great idea. I will monitor this party from outside. I wish all of you good luck, “Hoch lebe Hochstadt!”.

  109. Wow, this is impressive marketing. So are your Alexa stats!
    Followed the entry guidelines, Are You Coming To The Party , stumbled, dugg, technorati, and all that. Just waiting for the confirmation email. Love the pictures for this too!

    Again impressive party, as are all those who helped you for such great prizes. Just as impressive! Good job everyone

  110. Hey man this is an awesome contest you got going on. I thought I would let you know that I stumbled,dugg and faved. I subscribed and I guess now I’m commenting lol

    Good luck with the rest of your contest it is really cool.

  111. Lady Rose says:

    Update to previous comment on entry points – constest post is stumbled with a comment (theladyrose) and also added comment to digg (dietpulpit)

  112. Bharath says:

    Great contest dude..

    do follow..

  113. Josh Spoehr says:

    Great participation! I’m taking note because after 3 days of advertising a 25 dollar contest of my own for a quick story about folks favorite places I have zero participation. Ha Ha Ha… I’ll figure it out I have one idea that feels like a good one, but I have many days of content and converting to a cleaner html template.

    Best of luck,


  114. manilenya says:

    It is my first time to attend a blog party online :)..hope I can get any of the prizes lol! But i want a book, any kind of book :)

  115. Pinay Jade says:

    Hi there what an awesome contest. I want to join too! I’ve faved, stumbled and subscribed ;)

  116. […] The first one is of course the huge contest Marcus is running, initially to celebrate him breaking the 50.000 Alexa ranking but after the recent changes Alexa is following through on in order to provide a more realistic ranking, his goal was set back a bit. He did not back down on his word though of running a kick-ass contest and I am happy to be one of the sponsors. If you want to read more about this contest, please check it out on The Hochstadt Party Contest! […]

  117. Mirjam says:

    commented and linked to all sponsors on my blog
    good luck to all participants, I am trying to shoot for the copy of “Manifest a Miracle” by Gary Evans ;)

  118. An amazing contest! I’ve subscribed and stumbled this page. Best of luck to all of the entrants!!

  119. This is a great party. I’ve never seen so much prizes at the same time.

  120. Charlotte says:

    What a diabolical scheme to get links and trackbacks. We’re not worthy. We’re Not Worthy. Oh, heck, yes we are.

    I’ll take Gary Evans Manifest a Miracle, since that’s how I got here.

  121. blogger says:

    great.cound me in with this comment. :D

  122. Dugg, Stumbled, and Subscribed.
    This is one of the best contests I’ve seen so far. Hope it turns out really awesome for you!


  123. Excellent contest and looks like a lot of fun

    I would love a copy of Internet Business Guide For First Class Progress.


  124. peanut says:

    yo! count me in!

    i blog about this contest at

    and inserted the images linking back to your blog and this contest and i subscribed to you by email!

    stumbled your site too.

  125. Louis Liem says:

    I wonder why my trackback didn’t go through. Well, here’s my entry:

    1. Subscribed with the same email to comment – 2 Points
    2. This is my comment – 1 Point
    3. Stumbled by louisliem and digged by blueinferno2001 about this contest and faved on Technorati by blueinferno2001 – 3 Points total
    4. Used the party contest image(s) on my post and linking to this party contest – 2 Points
    5. Wrote about the blog and the Party Contest, linking to both – 10 Points
    6. Write about the blog and the, AND link to ALL contributors – 30 Points

    Luckily I’m good at math, so that’s 48 points :D

  126. cellobella says:

    I’m a subscriber and I like your style.

  127. Rose says:

    Awesome contest. I’ve stumbled, subscribed and
    posted with all the links on one of my blogs.

  128. Rose says:

    Lets try this again.
    I’ve subscribed, commented and blogged
    with all the links at

  129. scorilo says:

    Hey , Marcus…
    Hope I didn’t make it too late… :)
    great contest out here..lots of EC credits and beerstocks, just my thing
    so, let’s check out what i did for this contest of yours(or the prizes you grant :
    1.subscribed to your Announcement List (by email)
    2.i comment wright now about it.
    3.stumbled and dugg!
    4.used your image on the post
    5.posted, linking both to your homepage and contest party link
    6.posted about the contest , with ALL including links,here:

  130. scorilo says:

    don’t see my comment yet..hope something it’s not wrong..
    anyway, if there is and you didn’t get my original comment :( , i did all you’ve asked for,
    posted about here(with all links):
    i think i made it for some 40 entries in your huge contest.
    hope it gets me some beerstocks, wikipages, and a lot of EntreCard credits.
    can’t wait the 1st of may

  131. Charlotte says:

    I still think this rocks! My favs on digg, stumble and twitter are under whyzz whether or not the email address is the same. I use several. How about posts on several blogs? I have a coiupole more that I am certainly willing to use.

  132. Charlotte, sure, go ahead! When you post on more than one blog you’ll get more points.

    By the way, I took the time and edited your comments since you forgot (twice) to add the .com to the end of your domain name. Thought you wanna know…

    To everyone, some comments and trackbacks landed in the Akismet folder. So when your post doesn’t show up immediately, check back later. Rest assured I’ll take a look and pull your comment out from Akismet to the good folder.

    This is a lot of fun, folks! Let’s party! :-)


  133. Wenbin says:

    Great Contest!!. Faved on technorati and dugg as warp9wb

  134. Michelle says:

    Wow – great stuff. I am always up for a good contest and have been meaning to subscribe to your blog anyway. Best of luck to everyone!

  135. Wow, that’s quite the contest. I subscribed to your feed and added the image linked to your site on my blog Also Dugg and Stumbled by TRCoach.

    Thanks, Tom

  136. […] there is $7,000 Entrecard Party the Marcus Hochstadt’s Internet Business Guide. Both contests will be drawn on May […]

  137. […] Sumbernya: It’s The Party Contest! […]

  138. Cah Kontes says:

    Hello, here’s mine:

    1. Subscribed to the announcement – 2 Points
    2. Commenting here – 1 Point
    3. Stumbled by cahkontes and dugg by cahkontes – 2 Points total
    4. Used the imageon and linking to this party contest – 2 Points
    5. Wrote short about the blog and the Party Contest – 10 Points
    6. Wrote about the blog and the contest, AND link to ALL contributors – 30 Points

    47 please! :)

  139. CyberCelt says:

    Okay, Marcus!

    I subscribed to the announcement list (2), I wrote a post that linked back to your blog and to the party post (10). The post has links to all the contributors (30). I have the graphic on my sidebar (2) and it links to this post.

    With this comment, I believe I have 45 points.

  140. […] doesn’t even really matter if you own a blog or a commercial website, the Hochstadt contest is worth your time to consider joining! If you found your way here while looking for content […]

  141. WoW – You went way above what most contests do, at least from what I’ve seen. Typically, I don’t spend much time with these kinds of things, but I decided to enter in on this one. I posted with all the links to you, the contest, and sponsors, as well as used the image. Subscribed :) The post is here

    I don’t see many people who have put what they would like to win as asked (if posted about the contest), but if I am a lucky winner we could sure use the $50 PayPal! :)

  142. […] ever popular with Entrecard blog- is holding a HUGE contest and the drawings are on May 1st, so I’ll make this post straight-forward and simple. There […]

  143. Mrs. Micah says:

    Awesome! Thumbed the post for good measure!

  144. At present am in mood to earn only 2 point thru this comments.

    Let see where my luck takes me to

    Post a comment to this blog post – 1 Point (one point per person)

  145. I was okay with it… Mine jumped from 493K to 293K… and its still trending up :-)

    Subscribed and commented. w00t. 3 points.

  146. Ederic says:

    I just included your image in the banners that I rotate on my header. Will that count? :p

  147. unTECHy says:

    I’ve subscribed to email, blogged about it and commented here. Good luck to all.

  148. […] lucky strike will continue for me since I am participating in two competitions ending today, the huge one Marcus Hochstadt is running and the $25 contest going on on webdigging and if you are participating […]

  149. […] What is the result of the stunning and one-of-a-kind Party Contest? […]

  150. Hi all,

    It’s done! Let’s head over to the cozy lounge and celebrate! :-)

  151. […] winners were announced at The Winner Party post for the BIGGEST one-of-a-kind party contest.  There were a ton of prizes, and there are a lot of happy […]

  152. Crista says:

    I am going to blog about this sometime this evening, this sounds great! :)

  153. thank you. i won 600 ec. i was change my URL blog from (i use custom domain) change to (the real url blog)

    may i know how to claim my entrecard credit?

  154. Thank you so much! Wonderful contest! 2000 EC helps my struggling blog a lot!

  155. Emma says:

    I just found out that I won a prize. How do I get it?

  156. Mamaflo says:

    Wow, I’m in!!!
    I’m not a lucky person and if I could win something, anything, I’d be a happy blogger!

  157. Greger says:

    I wish I had seen this in time ;-) Now I’m waaaay too late.

  158. Debbie Lane says:

    […] Go check it all out (remember I am giving away a phone consultation and 7 Living The Lucky Life Audios). […]

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