Aaron Brandon is selling out the last DVDs of one of his best sellers, Earn An Income By Publishing Your Own Printed And Mailed Newsletter. I urge you to check it out as soon as possible before they’re gone forever.

Well, perhaps it already is too late…

That said, I’ll be creating some pretty […]

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“Who’s James Brausch?” you ask? Yeah right, he wasn’t one of those noisy Internet business figures you read about every day.

Well, just browse through past entries of my blog to get an idea, and take a look at the seven James Brausch DVDs still on sale here (sidebar) that provide precise step-by-step instructions on […]

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Cool Monday

On March 27, 2010 By

You may want to subscribe to my blog announcement list (below) as I’m going to offer something very cool to my list of subscribers in less than 40 hours from now, on Monday, March 29th. It’s something that will substantially help improve your Internet business.

I won’t tell you what exactly it is, for this […]

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If you’re using an autoresponder — and since you’re reading my blog you certainly are — you’re eventually concerned about the Open Rate of your list. If not, or if you’re still sending your newsletters in plain text format only (which I used to do until just recently), then you can dismiss this post for […]

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Celebrating the fall of the Wall 20 Years ago on November 9, 1989, when millions of people became finally free.

No more shot people who were trying to illicitly cross the border. No more Cold War between  countries of the NATO and the Warsaw Pact. No more prison for 16 million East Germans.

The […]

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When I installed Firefox 3.5 last week I was immediately impressed by one of its improvements: When viewing the source code of a Web page URLs in that source are now underlined and clickable.  And the best news is when you click on a link you’ll get to see that page or file! Wow, very […]

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Carnival is one of the most important cultural and economical events in Brazil.

Brazil’s biggest television broadcaster, TV Globo, holds a contest every year to find the Musa do Carnaval do Rio de Janeiro (Muse of the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro) — a Samba girl who best represents the Carnival in Rio. […]

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Before I go ahead and create another project on Elance or RentACoder for this, perhaps I’ll find you thru my blog? That way you would receive more money for your time. Let’s see… :-)

I need a seasoned WordPress developer, coder, and consultant for a few hours per week or per month (depending on the […]

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