When in search for a product or service to sell online (or off, for that matter), you must take some steps to get the perfect market (or some call it niche) that will have a high desirability in today’s marketplace. The public must want it! :-)

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Here’s a new look at your future Internet business endeavors. Think in terms of “if you can’t beat them, join them.” Rather than compete with other similar Internet businesses, you can join them as partners, escalating your business more than you ever imagined. :-)

In other words, Internet business doesn’t have to be about being […]

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Freebie seekers are those looking for free stuff. And who doesn’t like getting something for nothing? Everyone has tried at some time or another to enter those sites that offer free samples, free reports or e-books. Who hasn’t put their contact information into some form so they will be entered into a contest to win […]

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Do you have a “link page” on your Web site? Well, think about changing. A better and more effective way to have quality links on your page is by using contextual linking.

What is contextual linking, you might ask? Well, the answer is simple… it’s adding links that are embedded in your existing content-rich pages.


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72 Hour Special

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International Market & Keyword Research Discover Hot Markets And Spot Killer Keywords Of Any Country And In Any Language… 100% Guaranteed!

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Starting an Internet […]

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When running an Internet business, it’s important to maintain good business practices, just like when having an offline storefront establishment. The major difference in operating online is that you have a much larger market—and therefore potentially can do many times the business that you would be doing locally. All the more reason to keep your […]

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Imagine doctors tell you “you will never live independently again”. See what happened to Bill Cawley…

This tells me, again, to be aware of which messages we let into our life.

—Marcus Hochstadt

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I’m looking for one or two more excellent travel writers for one of my Web sites (a content rich travel site).

Do you love to travel? Have you been to different places, eventually to Europe? Do you love to write? Is English your first language? Do you have a broad vocabulary? Is your writing style […]

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